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Hi there again <3

The dark side of success
Bravo DE nº 41

imagebam.com imagebam.com

It is not all gold that glitters. Tokio Hotel are also annoyed of some sites of their celebrity life...

For three years, they are under constant observation. Whether on holiday on the Maldives, the stroll through Paris or in front of every hotel in the world. Wherever Bill (19), Tom (19), Gustav (20) and Georg (21) stay, paparazzi are not far, an photoflash-storm goes down to the guys. Not always to the delight of the four, as they betrayed BRAVO...

BRAVO: What do you hate in your life as a star?
BILL: The positive outweighs the course. But I hate it, that we don't have any private stuff. And the badest thing are the paparazzi!
TOM: For us, it's important, to protect the life of our family and friends. They have nothing to do with our job. If we are with them, it's bad for us, especially when paparazzi appear.
BILL: You have to be truly an evil man, to be a paparazzi. I hate them.

BRAVO: Thereby, you have luck here in Germany - here are paparazzi harmless...
TOM: That's true. In other countries it's really harder. In France and America are the paparazzi the most glaring.

BRAVO: What is annoying you?
BILL: Sometimes, everything is too much for me. Then I lie in the bed and think: "I can't anymore!" Then I will simply not stand up, can't laugh for a shooting into the camera or inspire people. I feel as if someone have to help me. Because I totally lacking self-confidence and I simply want a break.
TOM: Sometimes I have homesickness.
GEORG: When I'm long on the road, I miss my family. And then, sometimes I get a bad mood.
BILL: I get oftener sick. And if I'm away from home, is this terrible. Then I'm missing Germany totally. I'm also sad, when I'm alone in the hotel room. As much as I love it, to be with the band on the road - in hotel rooms I'm really sentimental. I can't even say exactly why. But then I wish myself into my own bed. While Tom would never admit it, but I bet he is sometimes sad. At the latest, when his hotel room acquaintances are gone again.
TOM: I also miss often the german toilet paper. (laughs). If we are at the end of the world, we're really looking forward to coming home...

BRAVO: You have to live with many scandals and rumors. How do you handle with it?
BILL: Mostly we know it before, what there will be. Sooner, when we had dinner at the club, we knew exactly what there will be at the next day in the newspaper: "Teenagers drink alcohol. How can they be a role model?!"
TOM: Or something like: "Tom sits alone at the table - separates the band?", is also very popular.
GUSTAV: Or: "Bill looks sad - does he have depressions?"
TOM: Everything, that people, who never know us personally, write about us, I don't really care. But if it's about our families, it's not okay.

BRAVO: There was the story about your grandfather, who allegedly shooted around...
BILL: The funny thing is, that this wasn't our grandfather. We even didn't knew this man...
TOM: Just over 20,000 corners. But everbody says, that we're related with him.
BILL: Just like in school. There was then suddenly every girl with us together and each class mates were our best friends. And I should also owe all the people twenty euro...

(Source: Bravo DE nº 41 - translation by th-unlimited.org)

Bye guys! <3

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Hi guys <3

Bill Kaulitz of Tokio Hotel as wax figure
From now on, he's allowed to get smooched

Yes, yes, yeeeeees ... he is it! Tokio-Bill, ready to touch and smooch! Scream! And this Bill Kaulitz (19), can everyone touch - because he is starting today in Berlin's Cabinet waxwork "Madame Tussauds".

In April at the classy-hotel Ritz Carlton had the wax expert at the real "Tokio Hotel" singer measure taken. His face was measured, about hair and eye color were discussed. Within six months, the copy was created, always in consultation with the singer.

He borrowed his wax-I incidentally, the clothes (worn clothes, girls ...!). And provided one of his silver rings. Let's see for how long ... "That will be a great challenge, to take care of the ring," said a spokeswoman for Madame Tussauds to BILD.

"The daily updates of the make-up and hairdressing ..."

(Source: bild.de - translation by th-unlimited.org)

Later I'll make a graphics update almost for sure, so stay tunned!
See ya guys! <3

Edit: Here are the new graphics I've promised you! Check what I've added:

+2 Tom wallpapers
+1 Bill wallpaper
+20 avatars (10 of Gustav and 10 of Georg)

Hope you enjoy everything, take care!

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Hey there <3

Bill Kaulitz wax figure

»» Backstage pictures ««

imagebam imagebam imagebam imagebam imagebam imagebam imagebam imagebam imagebam imagebam imagebam imagebam imagebam imagebam

»» Wax doll pictures ««

imagebam imagebam imagebam

(Source: tokiozone.com)

Finally these pictures came out! I really love all of them and the wax doll looks so cool..the outfit is awesome too! *____*
Bye! <3

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Hey guys <3

RTL Exclusiv - 24.09.08
Bill Kaulitz wax figure at Madame Tussauds

Comet 08 Aftershow party
Oberhausen - 23.05.08

Hope you enjoy the videos!
Tchüss! <3

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Hello there again <3

MTV European Music Awards

I'm really proud to say that we did it! The guys are nominated in the Best Headliner category! *____* The voting begins on 29th September and you can do it here! Now we have to wait to see what happens in the Best Act Ever category, let's all hope we did it twice!

The nominees:

Foo Fighters
Linkin Park
The Cure
Tokio Hotel

If you want to check out other nominations in the different categories, go here! Let me remember you that there were only revealed the finalists in seven of the eleven categories the EMA's have!

Have a nice day! <3

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Hello <3

Tokio Hotel worry their English isn't 'cool' but plan to translate next LP anyway
Fresh from their VMA win, the boys headed back to Germany to work on Scream follow-up.

By Jocelyn Vena, with reporting by Jennifer Vineyard

Tokio Hotel just won the Best New Artist VMA on the strength of their first English-language album, Scream, and their popularity in the U.S. continues to grow. But though they've been touring in the States and making plenty of public appearances in English all year, the four young Germans say the language barrier is still quite a challenge for them — one they plan to tackle again as they work on their next LP.

"You know it was really hard to do a set, or even to do interviews in English, because in Europe, we always had a translator with us," 19-year-old lead singer Bill Kaulitz said. "I think it's really hard for me ... to sing in English, because it's not my mother tongue. I really wanted it to sound natural [on the album], so it took some time in the studio, and we always wanted to do it this way: first in German, then translate everything into English. The English record is a part of us, and we really wanted to go ahead with that."

Bill explained the difficulties of properly translating German slang. "We translate, or we want to, everything," Kaulitz said. "Of course, our German phrases like, 'big cinema,' it's 'grosses Kino' in German. This red carpet is grosses Kino. It's like, 'beautiful,' 'awesome.'"

But TH are determined to keep on honing their linguistic skills for their follow-up LP. "First, we write German songs, and we translate some to English," guitarist Tom Kaulitz said. "We have always German records and English records. I think that's the best way."

Tom said he worries that because their grasp on the language is so unfamiliar, they come off sounding uncool, or "too grown-up."

"Our vocabulary is just school English, so we have no slang, no cool words," he lamented.

The guys aren't going to let the language barrier get them down as they head back to the studio. "After America, we directly go back to the studio in Germany, and we are still in the creative process of our next record," Bill said. "So we're writing songs, and we'll be recording some stuff. So we have a lot of work, and then we do the new record, yeah. No, we have no ideas [what we might call the album]."

"But it will be a great name and an amazing album," Tom added confidently.

»» Watch the video here! ««

(Source: mtv.com)

Have a great day! <3

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Hi there <3

Tokio Hotel TV episode nº 45
(Chillin' In Vegas!!!)

»» Watch it here! ««

Bye guys! <3

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Hi guys <3

Bill Kaulitz becomes a wax figure!

The waxworks of Madame Tussauds will grow. Bill Kaulitz, singer of the Teenie-Band Tokio Hotel, will move in Berlins Madame Tussaud's next week.

Bill Kaulitz singer of the German Teenie-Band Tokio Hotel moves to Berlin's waxworks of Madame Tussauds! The wax figure of the girls'heartthrob' will be unveiled next week on Tuesday in the room “Unter den Linden”, like Madame Tussauds Berlin said it on Tuesday in Berlin.

The leadsinger of Tokio Hotel will soon become the new fellow occupant of other german musicians, such like Herbert Grönemeyer and Nina Hagen at Madame Tussauds Berlin.

(Source: focus.de - translation by Icey from loveth-music.com)

The truth about fans and groupies!
Bravo DE nº 40

Germany, France, England or the U.S.: No matter where the guys show up - everywhere the same scenes: fans, who totally freak out, who scream the names Bill (19), Tom (19), Gustav (20) and Georg (21), who can sing the songs along.
Many TH-fans go even further, making clear offers their darlings - for example on gross poster slogans: "F**k me through the monsoon" or "Tom, we want to give you a blow job" are almost hamrless.
In the fifth part of the great BRAVO-series, the boys reveal exclusively what there's real - between them and the fans...

BRAVO: What are you saying about the partial hard slogans of your fans?
TOM: I think it's cool, that our fans are so directly (grins).
BILL: That makes our fans. But to be honest: Initially, we were sometimes short of breath...

BRAVO: What were the most beautiful experiences so far with your fans?
BILL: The first gig after "Durch den Monsun" was published - and suddenly so many fans were singing the song along. The concert had even canceled, because the crowd was too big. This has overwhelmed me!
TOM: Just until we were in Mexico. Once we had about two hours to write autographs. The fans were so touched, and many have even creid, just because we were there. It was so gross. We were also previously never in the South American country and didn't know, that we are so known. And suddenly there were thousands of people. It was really unbelievable.

BRAVO: Were there once really gross situations with fans?
TOM: Oh yes. In Madrid once the situation was out of control. Gustav went into his hotel room. But in his bed were already fans. They were fallen Gustav directly around his neck and he has become so frightened. At Bills and my room were already quite a lot in front of the door. They have constantly knocked, they climbed up the fire brigade, have totally screamed.
BILL: Then suddenly the police appeared. They have entered the door and drag me out of the room. "Are you Bill Kaulitz?" they have screamed. Then they took my hands together, interrogated me and claimed that I was responsible for the cahos. The problem was: They couldn't speak English, they only spoke Spanish. I hardly understand something. Tom has then tried to contact our security people. When they arrived, the matter could be resolved. The police really wanted me to take to their police station.

BRAVO: But here, the fans went too far, or?
BILL: Well, that was traumatic and violent...
TOM: But since we were holding on as a band - then it bothers us really not. That's just a part of it and makes us not be afraid or so. While it was already gross, but also actually funny again. But if we are at home, we're glad about tranquility. Then we're not giving autographs and taking photos. But if we're on the road, we're doing this for sure.

BRAVO: Were you already nasty to your fans?
TOM: So we would never be knowingly nasty to our fans. They are too much important for us.
BILL: We certainly never wanted to do something nasty to them. We love them. But everyone has a bad day and looks bad. Sometimes we just couldn't give everyone an autograph. Then we're in stress and must continue to the next appointment. We're constantly on the road for our fans and we're for sure no assholes.

BRAVO: Hand on the heart - were there also some embarrassing moment with your fans?
TOM: Nope. Only once, a girl wanted to come with me to my hotel room and fall down on the way.
BILL: Or the scene at the airport: There were girls screaming "We want to f**k you" - right in the dead silence there. That was then embarrassing, but more for them.

BRAVO: Tom, how many groupies did you have had in your bed?
TOM: Hmmm, that's really difficult to say. I don't count.
BILL: Yeah, but he has such a clicker (laughs)!
TOM: What I can say, I had more often a woman in my bed than I was on the toilet (laughs loud). No, nonsense! Now seriously: I'm even become somewhat quieter.

BRAVO: That means...?
TOM: I still don't get it by myself - but perhaps with 19 I already rejected the horns. Not that sex would become boring. But I also prefer watching a DVD in the evening. The other is indeed very strenuous (grins). Meanwhile, I could even imagine something stronger. But the girl really would have to strike me.

BRAVO: And how about the groupies by Georg and Gustav? Are they so wildly like Tom?
TOM: As far as we know, there is nothing (laughs)!
BILL: There are no guys, which represent a girl. Gustav had at the beginning of our career a girlfriend. But even then was nothing more.
TOM: Georg is doing so as if he were a macho. But he prefers it, when she's offensive.
BILL: Inside, he's dirty but outwardly too shy.
TOM: You have to show him what's happening. There were for sure already some girls, who liked him and the other way too. But none did the first step. With me it's different - I belong to the hunters and collectors.

BRAVO: And what about you, Bill - there was still no kiss for you?
BILL: No, not yet. That totally makes me really sad. I'm 19 now and that's missing me completely. I'd really like to have a girlfriend, with whom I could share my life, whom understands everything, what I do. Although I have Tom. But I absolutely want a girlfriend.

BRAVO: But the offer is huge for you?
BILL: It's difficult to open yourself to someone. I have no time, I'm always on the road. When I meet on a after-show-party girls, I never know what they really want. I also see in the near future no way - that's bad. But I still have the music, this is my backup. And dogs are my substitutes. Sometime, I want to have many dogs. They make me happy ...

(Source: Bravo DE nº 40 - translation by th-unlimited.org)

I hope you enjoy this big update, that interview was definitely funny!
See ya guys! <3

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Hey there <3

Zimmer 483 in Mexico

The German band Tokio Hotel, who visited Mexico in the end of the last month, announced that from tomorrow (today - 23rd September) on you will be able to buy their album "Zimmer 483", finally released in Mexico.

With an average cost of 180 pesos you can buy it in all record shops in Mexico along with "Scream", which is already in sale.

Tokio Hotel are nominated at the MTV Latin America awards in 4 categories:

- Best New International Artist » Vote! «
- Song Of The Year ("Monsoon") » Vote! «
- Best Musical Ringtone ("Monsoon") » Vote! «
- Best Fan Club (Venezuela) » Vote! «

(Source: somosfans.com - translation by Forever Sacred, please credit if you copy!)

Graphics update

I've added some new graphics I've made here to the site, hope you like them! Check what's new:

+2 Tom wallpapers
+1 Bill wallpaper
+2 signatures (1 of the twins and 1 of Gustav)
+20 avatars (10 of Bill and 10 of Tom)

Bye! <3

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Hey guys <3

Bill & Tom at the Coldplay concert
Hamburg - 14.09.08

MTV European Music Awards

Today is the last voting day for the MTV EMA's, so don't forget to rock the vote for the Best Act Ever and Headliner categories!

»» Vote here! ««

Tchüss! <3

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Hello there <3

Tokio Hotel TV Episode Nº 44
(Tokio Hotel in Viva Mexico!!)

»» Watch it here! ««

"Sucess is addictive!"
Bravo DE nº 39

Madness! Tokio Hotel made a hit int he MTV Video Music Awards! Now they reveal their career’s drug…

Everything, that they touch, turns into gold, platinum or an award! Tokio Hotel started in the music world in three years before. The fans can think just them since then. And now the absolute unsurpasseble (thing) is: Tokio Hotel harvested an award which for nobody expected: into the MTV Video Music Awards, into the ’Best New Artist’ category! The high point of their carreer! Their biggest success!

Moreover Bill (19), Tom (19), Gustav (20) and Georg (20) too all, they bet, that didn’t succeed. Because in Hollywood, ont he VMA, they had a enormous concurrency. Megastars, like Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry were nominated with them. But after all they managed to – in fact, as the first German band! "We didn’t really expected that. This is simply just incredible cool”, shouts Bill in his delight. "We will have the really first party in here now.” Since they have already been officially stars, because in Hollywood they pertain there. Under the show, our Magdeburgians even played with Miley Cyrus with the computer game, called ’Guitar Hero’, and gave interview with The Pussycat Dolls. And on the after-show-party, they had fun together with Kid Rock, Paris Hilton and her Co.
An evening, that Bill, Tom, Gustav and Georg have never forgotten in their whole life. A dream, which came true.

An evening, that Bill, Tom, Gustav and Georg do not stain in his whole life to forget long. A dream, which changes to truth. Tokio Hotel does not finish it for a long time yet after all. Everything is wanted. To prepare more music. Tokio Hotel haven’t finished it yet so far. They want everything. Prepare more music. Fill even more halls. Record more CDs: "The success really becomes passion. This is our drug. We want always more,”, explains Bill. "We feel ourselves simply well because of it. Especially Tom and I, we are totally workaholics. We write songs and record them steadily or we want to go to tour again immediately. Finally, we want to live our dream.” And Tokio Hotel enjoy every second in their life. "Every new tribute is a new level for us. We often think of: What will comes so far? And after that will come the next event, our world is shattered. ”

Whether what Tokio Hotel responded first, that they are stars? "It was on the Comet Awards in 2005. It was the first time, that we were in a huge event like this. As we arrived into the hall, suddenly everybody ran into our direction.”, remembers Bill. "We just thought: What happened here? Who were here, that everybody screams? We thought, that the fans intended it for somebody else. We were totally stunned, from the fact that everything was pivoted us suddenly.”, laughs Tom. "And top of it all, even we won a prize, it whirled us totally.”

But after all yet, it haven’t came that the boys cry in their joy into their handkerchief: "As to me, the tears burnt my eyes several times.” admits Bill. "Because I have never wanted to cry publicly.” On the Europe Music Awards 2007, Bill was really near to it: "Once, our name was announced. In all over from Europe, fans voted for us. Na ya, I was really goose bumps then. Everybody from our team jumped up. I couldn’t looked them until a moment, because I couldn’t able to hold up myself.”

What is Tokio Hotel’s success recipt? Why they win almost every prizes? Why they have so many fans? "Only just we haven’t know it”, laughs Georg. "From the beginning, we hold to important that, we want to do everything ourselves. All e-mail, all photos – everyhing have gone through our table. I have never want to be a puppet, who observes a schedule speechlessly.”, adds Bill. "Although this is the problem of a lot of people. But they can’t be do nothing against us.” Since the hard fight was rewarded – as we can see.

(Source: Bravo DE nº 39 - translation by bebe8888 from tokiohotelus.com)

Have a nice day! <3

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Hello <3

Tokio Hotel TV
Tokio Hotel Fandomania!

»» Watch it here! ««

Hollywood & Highland Hot Topic Performance

»» Watch it here! ««

Yeah, it looks like finally there are some news to post! xD Actually my school schedule is very good, so time won't be a problem to me, I'll always keep the site updated!
Have a great day! <3

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Hi there <3

Bill Kaulitz - the stress is consuming him
The teenie idol is skinnier than ever. Is the Tokio Hotel singer suffering and eating disorder?

Hanging pants and hollow cheeks: In recent photos Bill Kaulitz looks unhealthily skinny that one question comes to surface: Is he anorexic? The Tokio Hotel star denies such: “Don’t worry about my eating habits.” Apparently he shovels down mounts of fast food, noodle casseroles and milk rice. But his reassurance over such back fires. Because: “It’s typical for anorexics to deny their illness.” Explains Dr. Thomas Kurscheid, a nutritional physician. “Sufferers have a warped body perception – they believe they’re too fat.” However, the 19 year old claims that he only weighs 50 kilos - too little for someone with the height of 1.77 m.

His underweight can also be from nature [Bill: “I was always so skinny!”] or a reaction to the stressful life in the limelight, the results of energy taking performances and tours. However, the expert assumes it’s a psychological problem: “Bill’s life is controlled from managers. No wonder that he at least wants to keep the control over his own weight...”

(Source: Ok! Magazine - translation by Lenny from tokiohotelus.com)

Graphics update

Like I've promised yesterday, I'm leaving you here some new graphics I've made! Check what I've added:

+5 Bill wallpapers
+1 Tom wallpaper
+1 Band wallpaper
+1 Gustav wallpaper
+1 Miscellaneous wallpaper (of the twins)
+1 Georg wallpaper

I think there is nothing more to say, specially about the magazine article, because that subject was already discussed a lot..
Tomorrow it's the end of my summer holidays so I don't know the time I'll have to update the site (since I don't even know my school schedule yet '-.-), but I'll always try to do my best to keep this very updated all the time!
Bye guys! <3

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Hi guys <3

The Tokio Hotel hysteria continues
Four nominations at the "MTV Latin Awards"

...and soon there'll be a new album.

Tokio Hotel are still on the fast lane! The Teen-Sensation about the Twin Brothers Bill and Tom (19) just won an award at the "MTV Video Music Awards" in L.A for the best Newcomer. It's the first time that an german act won an award there, and new awards are just about to come...

In October Bill, Tom, Georg and Gustav will fly to Mexico to the "MTV Latin America Awards". There they are nominated in 4 categories: Newcomer of the Year, Song Of the Year ("Monsoon"), Ringtone of the Year and the Fanclub of the Band could also win an award.

But first it goes into the studio to finish the third album, said the band manager David Jost.

Particularly singer Bill Kaulitz is looking forward to it: "I won't have to get up early the whole time," he said. He hates getting up early, so the production is directed by his sleep rhythm. "We start working in the evening and work late into the night."

Let's see if Tokio Hotel can win the awards! The MTV Latin Awards are on the 16th of October in Mexico...

(Source: bild.de - translation by Icey from loveth-music.com)

VMA's interviews

»» E! Online interview ««

»» Rolling Stone interview ««

It looks that there are some news after all! Maybe tomorrow I'll make a graphics update too, we'll see!
See ya guys! <3

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Hey there <3

"Tokio Hotel": back into the studio!

BERLIN (FIRSTNEWS) - "Tokio Hotel" are back in the studio.
In the next few weeks the third studio album will be completed, said manager David Jost in an interview. Bill, the Singer, said that he is particularly pleased to finally be able to rest: "I won't have to get up early the whole time." Next Bill said that he hates to get up early. Therefore the production will be directed by his sleep rhythm: "We start working in the evening and go on with it until late into the night." "Tokio Hotel" are nominated for 4 MTV Latin Music Awards. The german Band could win the Award for "Newcomer of the Year" in October.

(Source: stock-world.de - translation by Icey from loveth-music.com)

This is just a tiny update, talking about the work on their new album and their returning to the studio..it's very probable that there won't be any news to post here on the next days, but I'll always keep the site updated as much as possible!
Bye! <3

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Hey guys <3

Tokio Hotel TV Episode nº 43
(MTV VMA 2008: Music, Mayhem, TH)

»» Watch it here! ««

Tchüss! <3

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Hello there again <3

Performance on Jimmy Kimmel
Tokio Hotel outdoor mini concert

Yesterday our guys gave an outdoor mini concert, in Los Angeles, CA! It wasn't playback (like it's usual when the artists perform for the TV) and they played five songs! On the TV they only showed Monsoon and Final Day, but the whole concert will be available online later!

»» Performance of 'Monsoon' ««
»» Performance of 'Final Day' ««
»» See some pictures here! ««

The super twins
Bravo DE nº 38

imagebam.com imagebam.com

They are the heart and soul of Tokio Hotel! Bravo knows how Bill and Tom work...

They are the most famous twins of the pop world and know each other since they opened there eyes for the first time. Bill (19) and Tom (19)! Millions of fans are after the boys since they broke through with “Durch den monsun”. Words of love are screamed at them all over the world in every single language. What a duo! Bill is the mysterious frontman. Billboard of the band. About girls and love he is most silent. Tom is the more outspoken type, always has something to say. So different but at the same time very much alike. The Tokio Hotel twins share more then just brotherly love. “There doesn’t exist a more closer connection then between us”, Bill explains about the magical connection between him and his twin brother. “We are so different but still so much the same! We don’t look like twins but are soulmates”, Tom adds to that. For that reason the boys also know how the other one feels. Tom explains: “When I look at Bill I know exactly what he thinks. I sense when he has a problem. Even when he is not around me. We communicate a lot without saying anything”.

While they feel so connected, they don’t wanna let anything come between them – especially not a girl. “When a girl has got something against my brother, I can’t be in love with her. I don’t allow anyone to stand between us”, Bill tells. And also Tom makes clear: “I can’t imagine trusting a girl just as much as Bill. I would also never spend less time with Bill just because I have a girlfriend. She has to accept him just as she accepted me”. That they prefer to spend every minute of there lives together they prove at there 19th birthday on 1 September.
The night before they went with there bandmates Georg and Gustav and there team to Restaurant The Ivy in West Hollywood for dinner. After that they celebrated on the roof of there hotel until midnight and the time of there birthday. There actual birthday they only spend together! Without the crew or manager and even without Georg and Gustav the boys relaxed at the beach of Santa Monica/ California. Tom relaxed with his dreads down and naked upper body next to his brother, who was despite the weather still wearing his black clothes. Together the relaxed in there chairs, caught some sunlight or just walked down the beach – and off course they did it all together. “Actually, we do everything together. The only thing now is going to the toilet, taking a bad or shower”, Bill laughs. But then he gets serious again; “I always imagine the following situation: We are standing on the edge of a cliff and a voice says; one of you has to jump and can never come back. We would jump together. A hundred percent sure..."

(Source: Bravo DE nº 38 - translation by beertje_86 from tokiohotelus.com)

Owww, the last thing Bill said was just so sweet! *____*
Have a nice day! <3

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Hello <3

MTV Latin America Awards
16th October, Mexico

Like I've posted here in the site before, it is confirmed that the guys will appear and perform at the MTV Latin America Awards 08, which will take place on 16th October, in Guadalajara, Mexico. And now, it is also confirmed that the guys are nominated in four different categories, which is completely awesome! You can vote for them here:

»» Best New Artist ««
»» Song of the year - Monsoon ««
»» Best ringtone - Monsoon ««
»» Best fanclub - Venezuela ««

Don't you forget to rock the vote!

Is Tokio Hotel wandering of to America?

Tokio Hotel and there sensational victory at the MTV Video Music Awrads in L.A.: are Bill (19), Tom (19), Georg (21) and Gustav (20) now wondering of to America?

Experts are sure that only a complete shift to the USA can guaranty our four Magdeburger boys the long waited for international success!

“For a world career it is really important”, tells musicexpert Thomas Stein (59). “They have to be present at all times. That’s what the fans demand. They wanna have there stars near. Otherwise the euphoria will go away pretty quickly.”

"Tokio Hotel“ don’t make a secret of the fact that they feel happy in the States. In New York the surprised thousands of fans early this year with there concerts.

Will MTV success trap the band in the US forever? Bill&Co showed more then once that they are excited about this American adventure. After the whole tour stress the boys wanna go back home to Germany.

Bill to Bild: “I can’t imagine living anywhere else then Germany right now. In the last three years so many things have happened. Everything is just like a dream.”

The rockstar thinks really calm about it: “All the travelling is printed in my thoughts”, Bill tells: “It’s just that awesome. I am happy about every single day, that I can sleep in my own bed.”

Tom smiles: “My little brother is homesick. He is only talking about his own bed in Germany.”

So: First it’s bye-bye USA, Hello Germany. Tomorrow the band is flying back home.

(Source: bild.de - translation by beertje_86 from tokiohotelus.com)

Have a great day! <3

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Hi there again <3

VMA 2008: Message from Tokio Hotel!
Tokio Hotel TV

»» Watch it here! ««

Owww that was so sweet! *___* Bill is like so so excited!
Bye guys! <3

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Hi guys <3

Buzznet Interview at the VMA's - Alex interviews Tokio Hotel
Find out if Tokio Hotel chooses Unicorns or Vampires?

(Source: buzznet.com)

"Tom drank himself down under"
Our awesome victory night by MTV

This is a party Tokio Hotel will never forget! The Magdeburger boys won the pop-prize “MTV Video Music Awards” in Los Angeles – as the first German band!

It is the absolute crown on their young career!

The four Magdeburger boys from “Tokio Hotel” are crowned as best newcomer [”Ready, Set, Go”] on the MTV Video Music Awards in LA.

With this the desired “Moonman” went for the first time in his 25 year history of the awards to a German band!

Now Bill [19], Tom [19], Georg [21] and Gustav [20] are real world stars – and also party like it!

Shortly after 8pm local time, the boys were awarded. In front of millions of TV watchers, Bill [in really good English]: “Now we want to thank all our fans all over the world”.

Bill to BILD: “When we got the award, I was completely speechless - then Tom drank himself down under till 5am in the morning." At a private party from their record label Interscope-Universal in Santa Monica – with a view on the Baywatch beach from Malibu…

Tom: “We just wanted one thing, party hard! Just like super stars like Britney, Christina Aguilera, Pink or Kid Rock”.

Vodka with Red Bull they drank against tiredness, a few glasses of champagne against the anxiety, and water to hang on with. Tom: “Awesome party – and the girls are also pretty fly. They constantly scream wherever we go”.

When the sun rose over the Pacific beach to say “Good Morning”, the four boys in four stars hotel “Casa del Mar” said “Good night”.

The next plans for Tokio Hotel: “One more talk show appearance in the USA, then the flight back to Germany." Now Bill, Tom, Gustav and Georg want to get back in the studio again – to record their third album.

(Source: bild.de - translation by beertje_86 & Lenny from tokiohotelus.com)

Tokio Hotel hit the VMA's in style

»» See the picture! ««

Bentley coupe, Phantom Rolls, Maybach, stretch limo? Those cars will never be played out, but they’ve been done time and time again. If you want to stick out when arriving at the VMAs, you have to do it in style, but you also have to be different. It’s not just about what you wear on the red carpet, it’s also about how you got there. This year we had a few guests that made sure nobody would forget their initial appearance.

Artists: Tokio Hotel
Mode of transportation: Monster truck
Method behind the madness: We couldn’t clear the airspace for the helicopter from “Monsoon.” Or maybe it was the only vehicle that could accommodate Bill’s hair. Rimshot! Seriously, guys and gals, when have you ever known the Kaulitz clan to play by the rules or give good reasons for their rock-star antics?

(Source: mtv.com)

VMA Red-Carpet Roundup

Short, sweet and glittery. That’s the best way to sum up the majority of the ladies’ looks on the red carpet of the VMAs this year. Though many arrived in muted champagne and blush tones, a few stars did manage to stand out from the crowd, literally.

Swift’s rivals for Best New Artist, Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry, arrived hand-in-hand. Katy embraced her inner pinup in hot pants and a halter she said she acquired at a thrift store. By contrast, Miley was more sophisticated, though still playful, in a sparkly charcoal peacock-printed sheath dress.

Fellow New Artist nominees Tokio Hotel concentrated more on their hair and wild ride than their outfits, but Bill looked lovely in his multiple chain necklaces, leather vest and tight jeans. The rest of the guys just cannot compete with his androgynous beauty!

(Source: mtv.com)

As you can see, another biig update today, since there are lots of news!
See ya guys! <3

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Hey there again xD <3

Tokio Hotel Best Newcomer!
And Britney Spears celebrates a mega comeback

What an awesome night in Los Angeles. The german band Tokio Hotel have won an award at the American MTV Music Video Awards as “Best New Artist”. Is now all of America at there feet? And Britney Spears who won 3 awards is celebrating her comeback. Bild.de columnist Alex von Roon was there for you!

Party time in Los Angeles. The 25th Video Music Awards from MTV. This time from the world famous paramount studios in Hollywood. This is where Charles Bronson and Marilyn Monroe used to walk on the filmset. Now I am allowed to be here. I am waiting together with thousand of hysterical fans and colleges (In about 30 degrees in LA) at the stars such as Rihanna, Jonas Brothers, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, Michael Phelps – and Tokio Hotel.

The boys from Magdeburg are nominated for two awards. After there smooth start in America (There now ended US tour was unexpectedly a big success) now all are waiting for these outsiders. And there they come. And how. With a monster truck the boys are being brought to the red carpet.

Like a pirate flag the Tokio hotel logo is shining on the truck. Bill and the other boys jump out of the trunk. Cool entrance that is also appreciated by the fans.

The international press is fighting for an Interview with Tokio Hotel. Bill Kaulitz about there sudden success: “We are travelling our ass of, and we are unbelievable happy that the fans here in the USA have embraced us”, and then when the band is pushed onwards a quick: “Hey, we are just at the beginning, there will be more!”

Not long after that it is confirmed. Tokio Hotel wins in the Category “Best New Artist” and with that is beating America’s megastar Miley Cyrus.

Bill Kaulitz in perfect English: “We have to thank our fans. We have the best fans in the world.”

A new highlight in the career of the German export. “With this award the German scene has set a foot in the US market”, believes musicproducer Russell Simmons.

With big excitement is waited at the performance of Britney Spears. Will she make her comeback after the physical breakdown at the beginning of this year? She made it! She didn’t only open the show with a sketch but also won 3 awards – including the one for “video of the year”(for piece of me). A big comeback on the showbiz scene.

Her popstar college Christina Aguilera also kicked of with a perfect performance – and sang herself back in the hearts of fans after a long baby break.

After two hours everything was over. But at the aftershow party beneath the sky with stars of the paramount studio everything went on.
In the middle: the boys from Tokio Hotel – surrounded by international stars, on the left Kid Rock drinking a beer, on the right teen star Miley Cyrus together with Christina Aguilera on a couch.

One thing is certain: With this victory the four Magdeburgers are one step closer to there breakthrough in the country of the unlimited possibilities.

(Source: bild.de - translation by beertje_86 from tokiohotelus.com)

Tokio Hotel - Are they becoming the new Beatles?

What a surprise: Our boys from Tokio Hotel won the MTV Video Awards for best Newcomer last night in los Angeles. Before the show frontman Bill modestly said: “We don’t believe we will win, but it is a big honour to be nominated here in America”. His prognosis was wrong, Tokio Hotel won the prize. Will they now internationally be as famous as the Beatles?

Going in the right direction are Bill (19), Tom (19), Gustav (20) and Georg (21) at any case. The four Magdeburgers were the only foreign band at this years MTV Video Music Awards and also two times nominated: in the category “Best pop video” and “Best Newcomer”. In the category Best pop video they lost to Britney spears (piece of me), nevertheless, in the category Best Newcomer Tokio Hotel took the moonman – beating big competition from the US such as Miley Cyrus and Kate Perry (I kissed a girl). Tokio Hotel is voted winner by just the fans which proves, the four boys have finally made it in the land of the unlimited possibilities.

Will Tokio Hotel become world stars like the British band the Beatles? Every where Tokio Hotel shows up, the fans go crazy, and are fainting like crazy. A hysteria like the one in the sixties during the Beatles. Doesn’t matter if it is France, Poland, Austria, Israel, Canada or now America – The Tokio Hotel fascination is rolling all over the world.

Fans all over the world copy there style and become versions of Bill, colour there hair black, do there hair like him and paint there eyes black. Or they take dreads just like his twin broter Tom.

Also Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Georg Harrison and Ringo Starr, the “Fab Four” from Liverpool made a revolution happen in the sixties when it comes to hair: Everyone wanted the same hairstyle that made them famous.

Regardless how much Paris or New York desires Tokio Hotel – there homecountry will never be forgotten we hope…

(Source: bild.de - translation by beertje_86 from tokiohotelus.com)

Spears and Tokio Hotel cash in
"We deserve a little break"

Awesome comeback for Britney Spears: at the 25th MTV Video Music Awards in Los Angeles she won in all 3 categories in which she was nominated. The German teen band Tokio Hotel are crowned Best New Artist.

“Tokio Hotel are stunned and totally flipping out”, tells there manager David Jost after the VMA’s on the phone, “We are gonna get drunk first”, Tom yells in the background, “regardless if I have to be 21 here in America to do that or not. The night is ours”. “They will have a quiet celebration”, Jost convinces, “they are decent boys”. Right now, the boys are freaking out. For the first time in the history of the MTV Video Music Awards a German band is nominated twice and then they also beat American superstars such as Miley Cyrus, Kate Perry, Jordan Sparks and Taylor Swift. Unbelievable! There entrance at the red carpet was really spectacular. Tokio Hotel came in a monster truck with big letters on the side which said “Tokio Hotel”.

The most beautiful birthday gift in the world

With “Ready, Set, Go” they approached the entrance of the legendary Paramount studios in Hollywood and then they jumped out of the trunk onto the red carpet. “Who are these crazy boys”, a US reporter wants to know, “the truck shines like the moon”. In America Tokio Hotel already have lots of fans but on the red carpet they are something new for the local press. Everyone is asking Bill about his big hair “It’s all real”, he laughs. “We aren’t nervous at all”, Tom claims to Bunte online, “we don’t expect to win”. “we are just happy our name is even mentioned in a category with Miley Cyrus”, Gustav ads, on his 20th birthday which is the most beautiful gift in his life. The award for “Best new Artist” was voted by just fans through sms.

“We are looking forward to see Pink”

Also Bill and Tom celebrated there birthday on the 1st of September in Los Angeles. “We just relaxed on the beach of Santa Monica, give our mind some peace and were kicking it with Gustav and Georg”, Bill reveals. What do they have to say about there double nomination? “We are terribly happy. It is a big honour for us. That we would stand on this carpet we would never have dreamt. You can’t describe it in words and everything I could say right now would be undervalued”, Bill tells, “It is really hard work to make it from Europe to America, but we feel really good about it right now”, Tom tells excited. And who are they looking forward to see at the VMA’s? “We really like Pink and are really looking forward to see her perform”, Bill reveals. Backstage the Pussycat dolls come in to congratulate them “We love these boys”, shouts lead pussycat doll Nicole Scherzinger.

“We deserve a little break”

In the next few days Tokio Hotel have an appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel show and then it’s back to Germany. “We wanna record a new album, make something new and be creative again. Then we will pull back a little from the spotlight” Bills gives away, “We have been on the road for 3 years and deserve a little break”. The fans will be sad.

And how do they explain the success in America? “We have thought about that long and hard but gave up on finding the answer. We just have been really lucky and are incredibly gratefull that we can experience this”, Bill answers. Now it is time to party first. After the VMA’s Tokio hotel went to the MTV After Party and celebrated hard and after that it was on to the Interscope Party in Santa Monica. Congratulations!

(Source: bunte.de - translation by beertje_86 from tokiohotelus.com)

I know, this was an huge update! x) There are a lot more of articles, but since they all kinda say the same, I only leave you here these three!
Please don't forget the news below, bye! <3

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Hey guys <3

As you may have noticed, this update is only with news about the MTV Video Music Awards 08!

» Best New Artist

Yeah, they totally did it! :'D They didn't won the Best Pop Video category, but if having two nominations was already awesome, actually winning an award is even better! I'm so proud of them! *_______*

» MTV Video Music Awards 08 (Red Carpet) - 07/09/08

imagebam imagebam imagebam imagebam.com

» Best New Artist - MTV VMA's 08


» Aftershow Party & More - 07/09/08

» Pictures HERE and HERE

» Videos

» Red Carpet interview «
» Miley Cyrus & Tokio Hotel play 'Rock Band' «
» Tokio Hotel & Pussycat Dolls «
» All Tokio Hotel moments «

As you can see in the pictures of the 'Red Carpet', the boys had quite an entrance..really really huge like they've said before!
More news are coming for sure, just wanted to leave you this here! And don't forget the post below this one, today it's Gustav's bday and we have all reasons to celebrate it a lot, since it now has a double meaning!

Tchüss! <3

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Hello there <3

And since here in Portugal (GMT +00) we have already passed the midnight, today it's the Gustav's birthday, he's turning 20!
Happy birthday sweetie! *hugs him*
As usual, a little gift made specially for the occasion, which I'll add to the signatures section later!

Happy Birthday Gustav! <3

Hope you enjoy it!

MTV Sweden Interview

»» Watch it here! ««

MTV Video Music Awards '08

» You can watch the red carpet live in here!
» See the awards show live in here!

OMG, the VMA's are almost starting! *___* Here in Portugal it'll start at 1am - 1h (GMT +00), so it's less than an hour for it to begin!
Now I'm gonna turn my tv on and watch MTV with all my excitement and hoping for the guys to win, but I wanted to leave this here first!

Have a nice day and good luck! <3

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Hello <3

Tokio Hotel gets 'loud' and 'dangerous' in the Paramount parking lot
MTV Buzzworthy Blog

(Source: MTV Buzzworthy Blog)

That was so sweet! *___* Really, the guys look so cute, I think this video is awesome! I'm so thrilled to see their entrance at the VMA's tonight because like they said, it's going to be huge, loud and dangerous! And I so want to see if my idea of what it is is correct..I can't wait any longer!
And tomorrow it's Gustav's bday, we all hope to celebrate a lot!

Hot Topic Performance
06.09.08 - Hollywood, LA

Have a great day! <3

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Hi there <3

Tokio Hotel 'don't expect' to snag Best New Artist VMA from the ladies
'We have no chance,' frontman Bill Kaulitz says of band's two nominations.

By Jocelyn Vena, with reporting by Kim Stolz

Tokio Hotel are the only males to be nominated for Best New Artist at this year's Video Music Awards — they are also the only foreign act contending for the prize. Maybe that will give them the edge, but the guys are quite shy about their chances of snagging a Moonman at Sunday's big show.

"We don't expect it, so for us, it's so cool to be nominated," frontman Bill Kaulitz told MTV News. "I think it's really, really special for us — it's America and it's our first American award, and that's so huge."

The German pop-rockers are up against American pop stars like Jordin Sparks and Miley Cyrus, but back in Germany, the guys are the megastars. They've sold millions of records in their home country and scored several #1 hits since they got together in 2001. Being crowned Best New Artist in front of an American audience would only solidify their fame here in the United States.

Just because they're rock stars back home doesn't mean they don't appreciate being nominated for a VMA. "I mean, I still can't believe it," Bill said. i>"Last year we were nominated at the [MTV Europe Music Awards; they won one] and it was the biggest thing we had, and now it is the Video Music Awards."

"It's really hard to get fans in another country, especially here — America is so, so big, so it's really hard to get known in this country," Bill told MTV News back in May. "We are so excited we have fans here at all. In America, we see a fan and it is like, 'Oh, we are proud! We have a fan in America!' "

But with a couple of VMA nominations on their side, it seems that now they have more than just one fan in the States. Guitarist Tom Kaulitz added, "To be nominated at the VMAs, for a German band, I think it's crazy."

The guys also have a chance to pick up the Best Pop Video trophy for "Ready, Set, Go!" Of going up against the likes of the Jonas Brothers, Bill modestly said, "We have no chance." But one thing he does hope he has a chance of doing is meeting Rihanna at the big show on Sunday. "I think it would be so cool to meet Rihanna, 'cause she's so sexy."

(Source: MTV News)

Tokio Hotel gets a VMA upgrade!
MTV Buzzworthy Blog

No, don’t worry. Tom didn’t shave his head. The latest update from VMA HQ here inside the Crosby Building at the Paramount is that Tokio Hotel will be presenting an award at the 2008 VMAs! Viva la Deutschland, y’all!

Also, another little tidbit McNugget for you: Tokio Hotel is going to be pulling up to the VMA red carpet in a most outlandish set of wheels. No, not a Maybach. Think American… Very American… And it’s not the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile, though that could be the greatest image ever.

Watch the VMA pre-show at 8pm to see what your all-time favorite German band rolls up in.

(Source: MTV Buzzworthy Blog)

Will Tokio Hotel get the best seats in the house?
MTV Buzzworthy Blog

»» See the picture! ««

Spotted: Tokio Hotel’s VMA seat cards set up inside Stage 16. Oh mein gotte x4!

Stay up-to-date on everything about the at vma.mtv.com, and don’t miss the big show Sunday (September 7) at 9 p.m. ET/PT or the pre-show red carpet coverage that starts at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

(Source: MTV Buzzworthy Blog)

FNMTV Videos
Special guests: Tokio Hotel

»» Watch the part 1! ««
»» Watch the part 2! ««
»» Watch the part 3! ««

KIIS FM Videos
All the videos

»» Interview part 1! ««
»» Interview part 2! ««
»» Interview part 3! ««
»» Interview part 4! ««
»» Interview part 5! ««
»» Performance of 'Monsoon'! ««
»» Performance of 'Black'! ««
»» Performance of 'Final Day'!««

Well, that was really an huge update!
Bye guys! <3

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Hi guys <3

Buzznet Interview - Tokio Hotel talks
Sports, Fights & Deserted Islands

Graphics update

I'm bringing you some new graphics, I hope you enjoy them all! Check what's new:

+1 Bill wallpaper
+1 Tom wallpaper
+1 Georg wallpaper
+3 blends (1 of Bill, 1 of Tom and 1 of Gustav)
+4 animations

See ya guys! <3

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Hey there <3


»» Interview ««

»» Performance ««

Tokio Hotel TV

The episode nº 42 (San Fran Sightseeing with Georg) of Tokio Hotel TV is online now, be sure to watch it!

»» Watch it here! ««

Bye! <3

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Hey again guys <3

Infoplus interview

»» Watch it here! ««

Performance on Jimmy Kimmel
Tokio Hotel outdoor mini concert

The guys will be giving on the 9th September an outdoor mini concert, which will start at 6:15pm (USA) in Los Angeles, CA!
If you want to request a ticket you just have to go here!

Chilling on the beach
How Tokio Hotel prepare for the MTV Awards


It´s the time on Sunday it is so far: In Los Angeles the MTV Awards will take place. And Tokio Hotel are nominated in the category “Best New Artist“. Big tension!

Since a few days Tom and Bill Kaulitz (19) are already in the film glitter town. You may think, ‘Who works, must also relax’. So the boys chill a bit on the beach of Los Angeles.

But why do they wear so much? Tom dares, at least, a little and shows his upper part of the body. And – wow! – what´s that? The guitarist has a right Sixpack! Well, however, with this view his female fans will be happy. However, Bill keeps himself more covered. But later he splashed with his feet in the sea. Before the party is after the party.

(Source: bild.de - translation by Checkerbunny for tokiohotelamerica.com)

Don't forget to vote!

The Best Band of the World 2008 - Vote here!
MTV Video Music Awards » Best New Artist - Vote here!
MTV European Music Awards » Best Act Ever & Headliner - Vote here!

Tchüss! <3

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Hello there <3

First of all, welcome to the version 9.0 of Forever Sacred! As you can see, the site has a totally new layout, featuring only Bill at one old concert in Germany! This version is called Rockin' on Stage because yeah, that's what he totally does!
I enjoyed the old version a lot, but it was only online for about two weeks because it was supposed to be a celebration of the twins 19th birthday! In this one the colors are darker, but I think it came out pretty well, personally it's my favorite from all the versions the site had!
Let me know what you think about it, I would really like to have some feedback and opinions!

Radio KRBE Houston Interview
Video from Tokio Hotel's interview

There was only the audio interview and some pictures of it, but now the video is out too! They look so sweet! *__*

(Source: tokiohotelamerica.com)

Don't forget to leave your opinion about the new layout, have a nice day! <3

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Hello <3

Bill Kaulitz in wax at Madame Tussauds

This week Russian Edition of the international magazine Hello! reports that soon Bill will get his own wax figure in London Madam Tussaud Museum. Bill has already visited Museum’s workshop and posed for the sculptor, also all the necessary measures were taken such as face proportions, eyes color match, etc. It might be a gossip, but the article contains 3 pictures which certainly were not posted before: these are the images of Bill being measured for the figure. Anyway, London people will be able to check it out soon.

(Source: tokiohotelamerica.com)

Tokio Hotel twins are now 19!
So sweet were Tom & Bill Kaulitz with 6 years!

From cute to little boys to crazy stage rockers! Happy Birthday, Bill and Tom Kaulitz! The twins’ from Tokio Hotel celebrated on September 1st in Mexico their 19th Birthday.

There the rock stars are after their U.S. tour for interviews.

Incredible, how the two brothers changed over the years!

Even the mid-90s Bill and Tom were sweet boys who obediently went to kindergarden with their peers.

The photo above was made in 1995. The twins were six years old - and members of the group "Rumpelstilzchen" in a kindergarten in Langenhagen/ Hannover (Germany). Pretty sweet, small stars!

(Source: bild.de - translation by Icey from loveth-music.com)

Have a great day! <3

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Hi there <3

Today it's the Kaulitz twins' birthday, they're turning 19!
Happy birthday guys! *hugs both*
This was made specially for the occasion, later I'll add it to the signatures section!

Happy Birthday Tom & Bill! <3

I hope you like it!
And on the next Monday we have another celebration, because it's Gustav's birthday! We all hope we'll celebrate more than once, since the VMA's will be on 7th September, one day before his birthday!

Bye guys! <3

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