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Hi for the second time today <3
I'm bringing you some more news! There is another article about Bill's surgery, check it here:

- Tom and their parents were constantly with him.
- The operation was over after 30 minutes.
- He will be able to talk after 10 days are gone.
Bill Kaulitz was operated yesterday to his left vocal cord. If everything goes right, we'll be completety healthy in a few weeks.

He survived. The lead singer of Tokio Hotel, Bill Kaulitz (18) was operated to his vocal cords yesterday in the afternoon. A cyst was removed from his left vocal cord. Tom and their parents were constantly with him.
"His doctor is one of the bests in this are. During the surgery everything went fine and the doctor is optimist", tells the producer and manager David Jost right after the operation. Even so, Bill is still worried. Understandable. The procedure can change his voice's to a lower or higher sound.
"It's impossible to predict in this right moment if Bill's voice is going to change or not", according to David Jost.

He had spiritual support of his "charm", twin brother Tom and their parents. "They are constantly with him in the clinic", says Jost. Bill will leave the hospital today or tomorrow. "He has to come back every single day to the doctor to be checked". And he can't say a single word during the next 10 days.
In order to make Bill able to comunicate, Tom gave him a small table for writing with chalck. In May he will be back on stage...

Source: Bild.de (translation by Forever Sacred)

You can now vote for Tokio Hotel at Comet 2008. I remind you that they are nominated in three categorys: Best Live Act, Best Band and Best Video with An deiner seite (Ich bin da). Go here to vote!
Tom wrote something new at Alloy.com:

"Hey everyone, it's Tom again!

As you must have heard, we had to cancel the rest of our European Tour "1000 Hotels", because Bill had serious problems with his vocal cords, and had to go through a surgery. Having to do that was a great disappointment to all of us - especially for Bill. We are all back to Germany, and of course, I've returned close to Bill to support him and being around when we needs me.

Bill has to be seen by a doctor several times a day, but be sure that he has the best doctors in Germany. We talked about so many things these days, because we were all really frightened. But above all we feel so sorry for had disappointed you by cancelling the rest of the tour. We feel we have disappointed you all. Bill in particular is felling very badly with this, and I try to reassure him by saying that nobody was guilty.

Me and the boys want you to know that we are doing everything we can to return to the stage and see you as soon as possible ... this is going to be spectacular! We hope not to take much longer. Thanks for all the messages of getting well that you have sent us - it is astonishing to receive all this support of all the fans. Stay well and thank you again for your incredible support! Therefore, feel youselves free to leave comments here ... Bill will see them as soon as he feels a little better.


Source: Alloy.com (translation by Forever Sacred)

And that's it for now, enjoy!
See ya! <3

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Hello <3
First of all, I'm soooo happy! Bill's surgery was yesterday, and according to their manager, David Jost, it was a sucess! Check what he said to Bild.de:

The operation of the throat of the singer of Tokio Hotel, Bill Kaulitz (18) went well according to their manager.
"The operation went as planned and the doctor is confident", says producer David Jost. "The doctor who was treating Bill is one of the best doctors, this is his specialty. Even if the operation was made with this success, something we can't say yet is that Bill's voice will be identical to what was before."

Source: Bild.de (translation by Forever Sacred)

I'm so glad that everything went fine with him, now I just hope that he recovers soon!
And today it's Georg's birthday, he's turning 21! Happy birthday sweetie! *hugs him*
I made this specially for the occasion, later I'll add it to a new category to come, called Signatures!

Happy Birthday Georg! <3

And tomorrow it's my birthday, hell yeah! And no, it's no prank or lie, it's for real! xD
Now I leave you a fan art update, since I'm going back to school (my little holidays are gone ) and I don't know when I'll be able to make another, I'll try to post news everyday, but I'll only upload more graphics when the spare time is bigger, so enjoy this!

+1 Gustav wallpaper
+1 Band wallpaper
+2 animations (1 from the "1000 Meere" music video and 1 from a miscellaneous video)
+4 avatars (1 of Bill, 1 of Georg and 2 of Tom)

Today I'm really happy, it feels so good to know that Bill is getting better!
I hope you like everything, specially the good new!
Tchüss! <3

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Hi again <3
I leave you here the complete interview that Tom gave to Bild, in the last update it was only a little piece of it:

"Tokio hotel" singer Bill Kaulitz (18) needs to be operated on the vocal cords. His twin brother Tom is constantly with him, cares for him. Since he is not alone, the sick would leave. lead IMAGE-on-SUNDAY-Nicola Pohl reporter's interview with him exceptionally via e-mail.

Bild: Tom, your brother Bill will be operated today or tomorrow. How does Bill spend his days at home?
Tom: Bill is lying in bed most of the time watching TV. We've given him DVDs so he is quiet. Right now, it watching the full seasons of "prison break", which keeps him busy. Now and then, he shuffles into training clothes to the fridge and gets something to eat. If I could finally see him get in front of the TV with a box of beer to see Fussi, I will be really proud of my little brother.
Bild: Who cooks for Bill?
Tom: At the moment I cook every day with my special spaghetti sauce. I may say my sauce is absolutely incredible. Bill probably gonna detest it, but can't complain because he has to save his voice. Bill cooks worse than I do. From time to time, our Ma visit us, and you can see that Bill's so happy when she is in the kitchen.
Bild: How does it feel like to be at home for such a long time without a break?
Tom: We've been on the road for years and suddenly you're at home all day long. It is a drastic change. You're falling into a hole and suddenly you miss being on the road. And Bill misses being able to sing. Bill is not only singing on stage and in the studio; usually he is singing the whole day at home. No wonder his voice is stricken. Now he is quiet - I think the silence is comfortable.
Bild: Is Bill in pain? How are you cheering him up?
Tom: Well, I think he's not in pain. Well, and if he were, he couldn't complain anyway because he has no voice. Usually Bill is talking non-stop, this can really get on your nerves. At the moment I have the most relaxed time of my whole life. If someone is talking, it is me. And Bill can't do anything against it. That is great. Yesterday he wrote "Shut your fuckin' mouth!" with his eyeliner on a sheet of paper. If I'm getting on Bill's nerves he holds up this note.
Bild: Will you go with Bill to the hospital? How long does he have to stay?
Tom: Bill wants to stay in the hospital as short as possible. Likely, he can't stand to stay there longer than 1-2 days. I'm going with him and will stay by his side the whole time, for sure. Our family, the closest friends, Georg and Gustav and our crew will visit him too, of course.
Bild: What are your drummer Gustav and your bassist Georg doing at the moment?
Tom: Well, for them it will be like always. What are they supposed to do? They are doing nothing, like always Georg is likely playing with himself the whole day, as always and Gustav is riding his bycicle.
Nah, to be honest, I think we're all the same. Because of this forced break we can calm down. Maybe this is not so bad.
Bild: Are you scared that "Tokio Hotel" won't sound the same after the surgery? Is Bill scared that his voice will be higher or deeper after the surgery? Tom: To be honest we really are fucking scared. Both of us. If so, Bill already gave me signs that I have to sing. Well, Phil Collins also was a drummer before he started singing.
Bild: So you have an emergency plan. Your fans are also very concerned. There are a lot of presents for Bill, aren't there?
Tom: It is really incredible and absolutely cute what the fans are doing. Bill is getting showered with fan-presents at the moment. Most of them got inspired by Bill's throat. He is perfectly equipped for the next skiing trip. He got a lot of scarfs and shawls. And we can also open an apothecary. Countless of drops, multi-vitamine pills, vitamine C, zinc and also many homeopathic like stuff which will make your immune system more stable. If you take it all at once you maybe have a very nice trip.

Source: Bild (thanks to LoveTH-Music)

Bye! <3

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Hey there <3
Tom gave an interview to Bild talking about all that's going on. Check it here:

This is how Bill spends his last hours before the surgery!

The operation of Bill was planned for Monday but his doctors are now discussing if they maybe should operate on Sunday.
Bill’s twin brother Tom has given an exclusive interview to BILD am Sonntag:

Bild: Tom, Your brother will be operated today or tomorrow. How is he spending his last days at home?
Tom Kaulitz: Bill is lying in bed most of the time watching tv. We have given him some dvd’s so he will finally shut up. At the moment he is watching the complete seasons of “prison break”, that keeps him busy. Every now and then he drags himself downstairs to the refrigerator in his training suite and gets himself something to eat.
If he would finally put himself in front of the tv with a box of beer to watch Fussi I would be really proud of my little brother.
I think that really could be something (laughs)
Bild: Who is cooking for Bill?
Tom Kaulitz: At the moment I am cooking for him every day, spaghetti with a special sauce. The sauce is if I can say it myself absolutely awesome.
I think he is becoming sick of it, but he can hardly complain not even because he has to save his voice. Bill is also a more awful cook then I am.
Every now and then our mom comes to visit, you can see from Bill’s face that that makes him happy, when she is doing the cooking then.

Source: Bild (translation by beertje from Tokio Hotel US)

I just hope that everything goes well with him!
And tomorrow it's Georg's birthday, so the update will be a little different!
That's it for now, I'll update if something new comes out!
See ya <3

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Hello <3
Today I bring you just one new, but at least is good! It's not related with this whole situation, but it's related with the band's work, which is very important to all the fans!
According to the newspaper WAZ, the boys are nominated in three different categorys for the Comet 2008! They are nominated for: "Best Band", "Best Live-Act" and a third category which is unknown for now. The event will be on 23rd May of 2008 in Oberhausen (König-Pilsener-Arena). You can find more informations about the nominees and how to vote here (it'll be available only in the next Monday). Let me remember that Tokio Hotel won the Super Comet and Best New-Comer awards in 2005 and the awards for the Best Video and Best Band in 2007. Check the pictures here:

There are no more news for now, I'll let you know if something interesting comes out meanwhile! And later I'll probably do a graphics update!
Bye <3

EDIT: I've now added some new graphics to the site:

+2 Bill wallpapers
+1 Tom wallpaper
+1 Band wallpaper
+2 animations ("Don't Jump" music video)
+2 blends (1 of Bill and 1 of the band)
+6 avatars (1 of Georg, 4 of Bill and 1 of Tom)

Hope you like everything!

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Hi guys <3
There are no news about Bill's sickness, but Tom wrote a letter to all the fans:

"In name of the band and specially Bill, I would like to thank to the fans for all the messages, letters that we've been receiving due to Bill's surgery.
Bill is really happy to see that all of you have been trying to cheer him up. Bill and all of us wanted to say how sorry we are for cancelling so many concerts and we sincerely hope that we'll be able to make it up to you.


Source - Bild.de (translation by Forever Sacred)

That's it for now, I'll update this if I found out something new!
See ya <3

EDIT: There are some new informations about Bill's surgery:

After the surgery Bill won't be able to talk during 10 days!
A young singer with a problem in his voice. When will he be operated? When will he be able to speak again? Will he sing again?

In this moment, the singer of Tokio Hotel Bill Kaulitz (18) is in a clinic, keeping his voice and getting ready to the surgery. One of his vocal chords has a cyst that has to be removed. His brother Tom (18) is constantly with him, Bill is really worried about his voice.

The producer and manager of Tokio Hotel, David Jost says: "The operation will be probably in the next Monday" and you can be sure that it won't be "a quick operation", even though it's small and sucessful.

Jost explains: "After the surgery, Bill won't be able to talk during 10 days, and his vocal chords' health will be under the doctors attention. The cure lasts almost 3 weeks."

How he's Bill, what is he thinking, what does he want? David Jost: "Bill is going crazy, he's constantly thinking the same, always thinking when he will be able to go back to the stages again. His conscience is heavy due to the cancelled concerts. Which is something completely silly, he has to stop thinking that way. Bill hates when someone tells him what to do, but after the surgery we will have to stay still and get himself healthy, even though we may have to force him!"

Source - BZ Berlim (translation by Forever Sacred)

I'll keep you update with the latest news!
Bye <3

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Hello <3
Today I bring you some more news about Bill's situation, a rescheduled date of a concert and a new episode of Tokio Hotel TV!

*Bill's diagnosis. Quotes for you to read:

"At the moment Bill is lying in his bed," says manager and producer David Jost. "He took one painkillers for his headache, and the operation can be done before the medication is out of his blood system, if not, it may lead to complication under the operation."

The operation lasts for 25-30 minutes. His voice have to rest in one week, then it needs weeks with rehabilitation.

David Jost: “The complete band is discouraged because of it. Bill, of course fears the operation. Tom, Georg and Gustav are trying to support him the best they can.”

The exact date for the operation isn’t known yet. Even in a good case scenario Bill’s treatment could take weeks. If the concerts after that will be played is still open to discussion.

thanks to www.tokiohotel.org.uk

The concert of Spain has been rescheduled. This concert will take place in 27th June at the Palais des Sant Jordi in Barcelona. The tickets for the cancelled show can be trade between the 3rd and 10th April. For those who don't want an exchange, the tickets can be refunded from 26th March and for one month after that. Tickets for this new show will go on sale on 10th April.

The episode #19 (Tokio Hotel in LA - Part I) of Tokio Hotel TV is now online, check it here:

That's all for now, maybe later I'll make a graphics update!
Byee <3

EDIT: Check out the new fan art I've uploaded:

• +1 Bill wallpaper
• +1 Band wallpaper
• +2 blends (1 of Bill and 1 of the twins)
• +7 avatars (2 of the band, 4 of Bill and 1 of the twins)

Stay cool!

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Hi there <3
There is another new about Bill at Bild.de:

"Hamburg - is the worst thing that could have happened.
The vocalist of Tokio Hotel (18) must be operated with a cyst in his vocal cords.

He can not sing. All shows have been cancelled. A disaster for the band.

How far this can reach?
Since the 11 years of age he has been singing rock songs in a stage, eroding its voice.
Last year he sang in 43 concerts without giving rest to him.

"Not everybody has control in their own voice," says Dr, Thomas Disselbeck (50). "When we sing a lot there is always the chance of developing this cyst. Even singing strongly, singing high notes and often results in these vocal damage.

Did Bill ruined his voice?
"Bill has vocal therapy for some time and since 3 years ago he had been resting the voice before the concert at least 30 minutes", tells the producer and manager David Jost. "But during the concert he wants to show what he feels and the emotions poured out here, but he also has to see that he can not ask so much of his voice."

Bill is not the first Rockstar with problems on the vocal cords. Justin Timberlake (27) made a surgery in 2005 to a cyst in the vocal cords and could not speak and sing for weeks.

The 125,000 people who bought tickets are shocked with the new of Bill's operation.
After the cancellation of the concert in Dortmund, more than 100 fans were shocked at the building doors for a week and then went to home.
One witness said: "It was this great sadness and tears but most understood what happened."

How is Bill now?
David Jost: "At the moment, Bill is in bed taking medication for the vocal cords. Doctors have not operate him yet because he is taking aspirins for the headache. Medication must exit his blood first. And that could bring complications during the surgery."

Source: Bild.de - Translation: Forever Sacred.

Since the new edition of the album "Scream" was yesterday released in Canada, it's now available the full version of the music "1000 Oceans", download it here!

This is just a quick update, later I'll edit this, uploading some new graphics and posting some news if there will be any at that time.
See ya <3

EDIT: I've now added some new graphics to the site:

• +3 Bill wallpapers
• +7 avatars (3 of Bill, 3 of the band and 1 of the twins)
• +2 blends (1 of Bill and 1 of the band)


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Hello <3
Today I have really bad news for all of you:

"Doctors Cut the Cyst out of his Throat!

Singer Bill Kaulitz (18) of germany’s most successful rock band “Tokio Hotel” (DDM) has to go through a surgery of his larynx!

The doctors diagnosed a cyst on one of his vocal chords, that (the cyst) has to be removed immediately. Without a surgery his voice could be affected so strongly that he would never be able to sing again.

The completely sold out Europe-tour with concerts in Italy, Sweden, Slowenia, Serbia, Finnland, Danmark, Norway and a show in Dortmund have to be cancelled.
A huge shock for million of fans across the world!

"Bill has already been in supervision of doctors in the beginning of last week, because of laryngitis", says TH-producer and manager David Jost. “A further examination showed that a nub has developed on one of the vocal chords, which makes it impossible for the laryngitis to heal. The cyst has to be removed in a surgery this week.”

How can such a cyst develop?

“Mostly a nub on the vocal chords, a so called singers' knot, develops because of an overstraining of the voice,” says Doctor Julia Vent from the University-Hospital Cologne. “If a singer sings too loud or with wrong pressure such a nub can develop. That is encouraged, if the vocal chords are already affected by an infection. A cyst in the larynx is a small bubble filled with liquid. The surgery is made by inserting a pipe through the mouth. With help of a microscope the cyst is cut out with tiny, sharp scissors.”

After the surgery Bill has to go through a several-weeks long rehabilitation, to avoid long-term damage.

Producer David Jost: “We really hope, that the fans understand that Bill’s health has to be in the foreground."

Source: Bild.de

So resuming, this says that Bill has to go through a surgery of his larynx and that all concerts of the 1000 Hotels European Tour are cancelled.
I just hope that everything will be fine with him soon! *hugs him*

Tom wrote something at Alloy.com:

Hi guys, it's Tom again.
Our first shows for this tour have been going very smoothly, and we are feeling so good about that. Right now, we have some time off, so we’re here in Spain relaxing in a really nice hotel just beside the ocean. It’s a nice place and even has some tennis courts. Since we’ve spent so much time playing table tennis, we’re loving the courts and playing outdoors. Of course, you won’t be surprised to hear that since I’m the best at table tennis, the others don’t stand a chance against me on the courts I actually feel a bit sorry for them -- they try so hard, 'specially Georg ... but what am I supposed to do??

Well, after this little break, we’ll continue the tour in Italy. All of us are really excited about coming back to Canada and the States. I can’t give away too much right now, but we’ll be back for sure in April, and it looks like we’ll be staying longer than the last time. So stay tuned for more details. Talk to you soon!

Take care,
-- Tom

And that's it, I'll keep you update of any news about this situation. Today there is no graphics update, since after this news I'm really not in the mood.

Take care <3

EDIT: Just some more details, but nothing new:

"According to the media, Bill will go through a surgery to the vocal cords. Due to an infection a cyst was formed, which must be removed. This operation is a routine procedure, which is made daily in clinics and will be made with full anesthesia that lasts about 20-25 min. The danger of the voice to be permanently afected during or after the operation is very low. However, it's necessary to rest the voice at least a week after the operation and the following weeks will be to recover.

So the European Tour and the EUA Tour during April will be cancelled almost for sure.
Tokio-hotel-producer and manager David Jost hopes "that the fans understand that Bill's health is in first place."

Once we have definitive information on Bill's health status and the future of the concerts and tour dates, we will inform you immediately here."

Source: Official German Fan Club


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Hey guys!
The update of today is very very short! Like I said some days ago, there was another category to be added to the Fan Art section..that category is now online, and it's called Blends, which already contains two blends I've made..I hope you enjoy this new section! So the update for today is only:

• +2 blends (one of Bill and one of the twins)

Now I'm gonna make some new graphics, I will edit this if I found out some interesting news for you!

Edit: I've now finished the Tokio Hotel TV section, which contains all episodes that were released until now, I'll always update the page with the new ones that will be released too! I hope you like it!

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Hi there!
Today the update is only with some news!
As I said yesterday in the edit I made to the post, the concerts in Rome and Bologne, Italy (25th and 26th March) were cancelled. Until now, only Rome has a new date, that is 6th July. The official italian fanclub posted this:

"Bill is still ill. The Doctors have checked him again, and decided to NOT let him perform at the concerts in Rome and Bologna!
A new Date for the concert in Rome has been found already - 6th of July at the Ippodromo Delle Cappanelle. For Bologna there is no new date at the moment..."

I'm really sorry for all these fans, I'm one of them too, like I said before, I was at their concert in Lisbon, and this is really a bad situation, not only for all the fans, but specially for Bill that is sick and for the boys, that are being forced to cancel all this concerts..I was really worried already, but now I'm even more worried with his condition, I really don't like this situation at all..I just hope he rests and gets better, that's all we want!
By the way, there is an article which includes an official statement from David Jost:

Fans are shocked!
A million fans are shaking at the moment - Bill Kaulitz the Singer of Tokio Hotel has a vocal cord infection, because of that a lot of concerts in Europe had been canceled. The Infection is worser than expected...
Producer David Jost said to the BamS (a german newspaper): "In the last week, after the Lisbon concert, Bill flew back to Germany. Since then he is in the hands of the best Doctors in Germany, and until he's not fully healthy he has to stay in bed."
After the cancellations in Geneve, Lisbon, Madrid and the in north-france lying Douai the concerts in Turin, Rome and Bologna got also cancelled.
If the guys can play their planned Germany concert on the 31st of March in Dortmund, isn't sure at this moment!

Source - Bild.de (Translation by LoveTH-Music)

I'll let you know if I found out more news about this situation, stay tunned!

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Today there aren't many news, just one, but I bring you some graphics too!
According to an italian newspaper, it was confirmed by Tokio Hotel and their management that Bill is getting better, so the guys will perform in 25th March, at Rome (Italy). This is such a good new! I've been so worried about Bill and his condition..now I'm so happy and relief that he's getting better!
Now talking about graphics, I will add another category to the Fan Art section, called Blends..I've been making some of them, and I soon will add them to the site!
Check out the new fan art I've uploaded:

• +1 Miscellaneous Wallpaper (Bill & Tom)
• +1 Tom Wallpaper
• +1 Band Wallpaper
• +8 avatars (5 of Bill, 2 of Tom and 1 of Gustav)

I hope you enjoy everything, have a good day!

Edit: The information I posted above was just a rumour. Bill is still sick and he can't sing yet, so the concerts in Rome and Bologne (Italy) were cancelled. The concert of Rome was postponed to 6th July. This information is written in the official Tokio Hotel Italian fan club. I'll keep you update of more news.

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Hi guys!
I have some news for you as well as a graphics update too!
Check out some pictures of Tom, Georg and Gustav at the hotel's exit in Madrid (Spain):

» Madrid - 18/03/08

The band will give an autographs session at New York, USA, in 29/04/08, during the American Tour Part II!
The album "Scream" will be release in Canada on 25th March (next tuesday). Check the album cover and the tracklist (which contains 2 more musics than the european one):

01. Scream
02. Ready, Set, Go!
03. Monsoon
04. Love is Dead
05. Don't Jump
06. On the Edge
07. Sacred
08. Break Away
09. Rescue Me
10. Final Day
11. Forgotten Children
12. By Your Side
13. 1000 Oceans (WORLD PREMIERE)
14. Monsoon (LIVE in Milan Video - WORLD PREMIERE)

The performance of Tokio Hotel in Rock In Rio Lisboa (1st June) will be at 8.30pm (20h30m)! I'll be there (almost) for sure!

Finally, I've added some new graphics to the site:

• +1 Band Wallpaper
• +1 Bill Wallpaper
• +6 avatars (2 of Tom, 1 of Tom and Georg, 1 of Georg and 2 of Bill)

Have a great day!

Edit: I've made some changes in here. Now, the Media section contains only informations about the discography, lyrics and listen online (that was in the Tokio Hotel section, which was reduced) as well as all the videoclips of the band and the episodes of Tokio Hotel TV (coming soon!). I deleted all my brushes, textures and gradients from here, because I think they weren't related with the subject of this website..you can find everything I had here and more at my Deviant Art page - here! I hope you like the changes!

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Today I have some more news for you! First of all, the guys have cancelled another concert, this time in Turin (Italy)..you can see that written in the official italian page. Bill is still sick, his laryngitis hasn't completely disappeared, so he can't sing, and he has to rest..all the band is really sad about this, like Tom said: "Bill made everything to recover, but without sucess. Even so, we feel responsable because we can't perform and we are really concerned for our fans. The concert in Torino was sold out and now we can't go to the stage!". Bill is still under medical cares, but until now we don't know anything about the dates of Rome and Bologne, they weren't cancelled yet.
I found out another date of a concert in North America:

» 3rd May - New Jersey

The episode nº 18 of Tokio Hotel TV - Toronto Part II is now online, check it here:

And the single "Scream" is now back into the #1 place at HLP (Hit List Portugal)..it was on the #5 place, but now the guys recovered the lead! Click on the image below to vote (choose the song and then click in "Este é o meu voto! (this is my vote!)"):

Have a good day!

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Hi there!
Yesterday I left here some new dates of concerts in America, today I bring you some more! The guys will perform in:

» 20th April - Cleveland
» 26th April - Montreal
» 30th April - Boston
» 1st May - Washington DC

I've added some graphics to the site:

• +1 Bill Wallpaper
• +1 Georg Wallpaper
• +7 avatars (2 of the twins, 3 of Bill, 1 of Gustav and 1 of the band)

Have a nice day!

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Today I have some few news and graphics update for you!
As I said yesterday, the concerts of Madrid, Douai and Geneve were all cancelled, because of Bill sickness. About his status, we just know that when the guys made the announcement on stage, we was already on his way home to Germany. According to some people, we was there at Atlântico Pavillion and he wanted to apologize to all the fans on stage, but the others didn't let him, since he could barely stand on his feet..well, what we all want is that he gets better soon so we can have our favourite lead singer back on charge!
Tom wrote something on Bill's blog at Alloy.com:

"Hi, it’s Tom.
I’m sitting in our tour bus. It’s 3 a.m., and we are just on our way from Paris to Dijon! We played two nights in a row at Bercy (Paris) for 17,000 fans each night. It’s sooooo amazing to be on tour. We travel in our tour busses from city to city. After each show is over, we leave for the next city. In the morning we get up, get ready, do the sound check and some interviews — it’s pretty much the same every day. For our spare time, we brought table tennis and table soccer along with to have some fun stuff in our backstage area. You probably won’t be very surprised that I’m actually leading all scores. The others try pretty hard, but they don’t have the slightest chance — it’s the same story with women (LOL). Even though I am totally a night owl, I have to get going now! Take care, and I’ll talk to you soon!

– Tom"

To end this update, check out the new graphics I've uploaded:

• +2 Bill Wallpapers
• +1 Georg Wallpaper
• +7 avatars (3 of Bill, 1 of the twins, 1 of Georg, 1 of Gustav and 1 of Tom)
• +1 animation (1000 Meere music video - Bill Kaulitz)

Hope you enjoy everything, have a great day!

Edit: Tom wrote a letter to all the fans, apologizing for the cancelled concerts:

There are new concert dates added to their schedule:

» 17th April - Chicago
» 18th April - Detroit
» 23rd April - Toronto
» 25th April - Montreal
» 5th July - Monaco

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And there was no concert. Like I said in the last update, there was something that was making me a little nervous and sad, that was the fact that Bill is sick. My expectations were confirmed, the concert of 16th March in Lisbon, Portugal (I was there) was postponed to 29th June, after their performance in Rock In Rio Madrid Festival (28th June). The atmosphere was great, we were all singing and screaming, when a man walked into the stage and told us that Bill was having some issues with his voice (he has laryngitis, an inflammations of the laryinx), he could barely speak, so singing was completely out of question..we all started to cry. But there was something that made us happy, that was the fact that Tom, Georg and Gustav went there to tell us personally how sorry they were because of that situation..they could have just sent the message by other person, but they didn't do that. That's why we love this boys so much. Now we just hope that Bill gets better really soon, because in 29th June I will be their (and in 1st June in Rock In Rio Lisboa too)!
The tickets will be the same ones, if you wanna have your money back you just have to go to the place where you bought them and that's it.
By the way, I took some photos of the boys during the announcement, check them here:

» Stage Announcement - Pavilhão Atlântico

(if you use this pictures, please credit Forever Sacred)

» Press Conference - Portugal

» Stage Announcement Video - Pavilhão Atlântico

Everyone that was in that pavillion and even in the press conference, could see that the boys were so sad like we were or even more..it was really bad.
This is all over the news here in Portugal. There isn't one newspaper, magazine or television show that haven't talked about the guys yet. Well, we just all hope that Bill gets better, they will always have our greatly support in everything!
And yesterday I bought some new things from their merchandise..a new black t-shirt with them (that i totally love!), a bag with Bill in the front and two giant posters with all of them..maybe later I will add to the informations about me everything that I have from their official merchandise!
I have a lot of new wallpapers and icons, but now I'm really not in the mood to add some of them, since I haven't slept almost all the night, just thinking about everything that happened yesterday..it was an huge emotions conflict!
To Bill, Sie bekommen bald besser (you will get better soon)!

Have a nice day guys!

Edit: The concert in Madrid, Spain was cancelled too. It was supposed to happen tomorrow, but due to Bill's status, it was re-scheduled to 24th June. There are rumors that the concert in Douai (20th March) was delayed to the 21st June , in Paris. The concert in Geneve can be cancelled too, and delayed to 12th June, but these two last informations are just rumors, I will post the confirmation when I got it.
I found out some more pictures of the guys in the press conference, check them here:

» Press Conference - Portugal

Since now I'm on Easter holidays, I will keep the site updated (even) more often, so check regularly!

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It's tomorrow! The guys will give their 1st concert here in Lisbon, Portugal..I can't wait, I'm so excited! But there is something that is making me a little nervous and sad..according to some fans that went to their concert yesterday in Marseille (France), Bill couldn't sing most of the musics and he didn't sing three of them..he was on stage with a translator telling how sorry he was because his voice wasn't good on that day..but since today there isn't any concert, we all hope that Bill gets better to the next concerts with his voice better than never, so I'm pretty optimist that it'll be an awesome show tomorrow, we can't expect anything else from this boys!
I've now added the complete lyrics of the song "1000 Oceans", the english version of "1000 Meere" to the site, you can found it on the Miscellaneous Lyrics section!
Now I don't have any other news for you, tomorrow the site won't be updated since I will be at their concert..I wish a very good show to everyone that will be there, have lots of fun!
To end this update, check out the graphics I've added to the site:

• +2 Bill Wallpapers
• +1 Miscellaneous Wallpaper
• +5 avatars (2 of the twins, 1 of Bill and 2 of Tom)

Hope you like the new graphics, have a great day!

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Today there aren't any news, so this is just a quick update!
Yesterday there was another concert, this time in Montepellier (France) and today there will be the last concert (in Marseille, France) before they come to Portugal on 16th March..there are only 2 days missing, I can't wait any longer! Talking about the yesterday's concert, I haven't found any pictures of it yet, if I found some maybe I'll post them here and make an edit to this update!
By the way, I've updated the page about Gustav, now you can find there the pictures of his two tattoos..check it here!
Since I don't have any other news, I've updated the fan art section:

• +1 Tom Wallpaper
• +1 Bill Wallpaper
• +1 Georg Wallpaper
• +3 avatars (1 of Tom and 2 of Bill)

Hope you like everything, see ya!

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Hi guys!
As you can see, the new layout (v2.0) of Forever Sacred is now online, ft. Bill Kaulitz in one of the 1000 Hotels European Tour shows! I hope everyone likes it! It has some news things..the colors are darker, the main navigation is now on the top image..I specially like the header! And today there is not only a new layout, but there are also many news for you! Check out this cool pictures from their concert in Dijon, France:

» Dijon - 10/03/08

The new episode of Tokio Hotel TV (Episode 17 - Tokio Hotel in Toronto Part I) is now online, check it here:

Just to end this update, I leave you some new graphics:

• +2 Tom Wallpapers
• +1 Bill Wallpaper
• +6 avatars (2 of Tom, 3 of Bill and 1 of the band)

I hope you enjoy the updates, have a nice day!

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Here I am with some updates for you! There were two concerts in Paris, on 9th and 10th March..yesterday there was another one but I haven't seen any pictures yet, so today I bring you some pictures from the two concerts I talked about!

» Paris - 09/03/08

+ See more

» Paris - 10/03/08

+ See more

» Paris - 10/03/08 - Hotel's Entrance

+ See more

Expect for more news soon! Tomorrow I will make a graphics update, since I've been making lots of new art! I'm also preparing the new layout, I hope it will be ready until the next weekend..since on Sunday I will be at their concert in Lisbon, Portugal! I'm so excited, I can't wait any longer!
Have a great day, see ya soon!

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Hey guys!
Today I bring some fresh news for you! Yesterday there was another concert, this time in Paris (France), of the 1000 Hotels European Tour. I haven't seen pictures of the concert, but I found out some taken at the hotel's entrance, so check them out here:

» Paris - 09/03/08

The guys won another award, this time a Finnish Grammy Award, also called Emma, congratulations to the boys! We don't know nothing about the show, only that they weren't there (of course, since they're on tour).
Before the yesterday concert, in Bercy (Paris), was made an advertisement, saying that the show a Parc des Princes (20th June) was moved to the 21st June because of the exams. It was also said that this concert will be the last of the guys in France for 2008.
Bill wrote something again on his blog at alloy.com:

"Hi everyone, it’s Bill from Tokio Hotel again.
We just started our third European tour yesterday in Brussels. We didn’t have too much time for tour rehearsals, and the brand new stage only got its final touches at the very last minute -- the schedule was tight! Anyway, on Sunday morning, we were picked up at 7 by our tour buses… YES! FINALLY, I thought, LET’S GO TO Brussels!! This is the first tour that we’ve had two busses -- Gustav and Georg share one, and so do Tom and I!

Read on for more from Bill… Page 2: When we got to the venue on Monday, we saw our stage for the very first time -- it’s amazing. After checking it out down to the last light bulb and wire, we did our first show run on our stage! The whole show is set up in a new way so everything is pretty unfamiliar, which is why we almost went insane by the time we had to perform. The other three guys and I thought about everything that could go wrong and everything we could possibly forget. But once we were on stage, it worked out great, and now we are happy.

Today, we performed in Rotterdam, but we’ll tell you more next time -- take care!

-- Bill"

There is another concert this night, again in Bercy, Paris (France), so expect for more news, with some graphics update!
And today that there are only 6 days left for their 1st concert here in Portugal (omg, so excited!), Forever Sacred is online for exactly one month, I just want to thank to everyone who passes here, thanks a lot! I'm preparing a new layout too, so expect to see it soon!
Have a nice day!

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Hi there!
Since yesterday there was another concert of the 1000 Hotels European Tour, in Luxemburg, today here I am to bring you some pictures of it!
And today I bring you some new graphics that were added to the site too, so check everything in here!

» Luxemburg - 07/03/08

If I found out more pictures later, I will make an edit to this post with them!
Today is a day-off to the boys, but tomorrow will be a new concert, this time in Paris, France!
And as I promised yesterday, here it is a graphics update too:

• +1 Bill Wallpaper
• +1 Gustav Wallpaper
• +5 avatars (3 of Tom and 2 of Bill)
I hope you enjoy everything, have a nice day!

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Yesterday there was a new concert of the 1000 Hotels European Tour, this time in Strasbourg (France), and as I said before, here it is the update for you!
There are some pictures of the guys not only at the concert, but at the hotel's entrance as well. They were all taken yesterday, check them here:

» Strasbourg

» Strasbourg Live Concert

Today there will be another concert, in Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxemburg, so there are more news to come soon for sure!
Tomorrow I will make some graphics update too, so I expect your visit!
Have a great day and don't forget to leave me a message!

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Hi there!
Deutsch Bravo nº 11/08 is now available, so check the scans here & here! The article is about Bill & Tom's final school exams, where they got very good grades..so now they have finished the secondary school with 1,8 of average rate, which is really great! Congratulations to the boys!
It's now online the new episode of Tokio Hotel TV, episode 16: Tokio Hotel in Montreal Part II..watch it here:

There will be another concert today, this time in Strasbourg (France), so expect more news very soon!
Finally and to end this update, there are some new graphics added to the site:

• +6 avatars (1 of Tom, 3 of Bill and 2 with the twins)
Hope you enjoy all the updates, have a nice day!

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Hey guys! Today the update is quick, it's only about another concert of the tour!
Yesterday the guys gave their 2nd concert of the 1000 Hotels European Tour, in Rotterdam, Nederlands! There are some pics available of it, so that's what this update is about! Check some of the pictures here - ! To see more pictures of this concert, go here!
As I said yesterday, there is a new website where you can follow everything about this tour, share your Tokio Hotel live experiences with other fans, have access to exclusive live photos and much more..today I found out that website in English (here), at least for me it's better than in German!
There will be a new concert tomorrow (6th March), in Strasbourg (France)! Now that the 1000 Hotels European Tour has started, get ready for a whole lot of news almost everyday!
See ya all!

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Hello! Today the update is only full with fresh news for you!
Yesterday was the 1st concert of the 1000 Hotels European Tour, in Bruxelles, Belgium! First of all, there is a new stage, with stairs on the left and right side, it's full of LED's and has a big flat screen too! See some pictures of it here - ! And by the way, Bill changed his clothes 3 times during the whole concert, he used a black shirt, a red shirt, and his hoodie..check them here - ! After seeing this concert, we now have the complete tracklist of their shows at 1000 Hotels European Tour:

» Break away
» Final Day
» 1000 Oceans
» Live Every Second
» Love is dead
» Sacred
» Scream
» Black
» On the edge
» Ready set go
» Reden
» Wir sterben niemals aus
» Don't jump
» Geh
» Ich bin nich' ich
» Raise your hands
» Monsoon
» In die nacht
» Rescue Me
» Forgotten Children
» By your side

As you can see, the guys are playing 21 songs, 5 in German and 16 in English..personally, I think the songs sound better in German, and I think they should give more importance to that, but it's their choice and we love it the same way! To finish this update, I just have another new..now that the tour has started, there is a website where you can know everything about what the guys are doing, have access to exclusive photos and to see where they will perform! Check it here!
Today there will be another concert, this time in Rotterdam (Nederlands), so stay tuned for more news soon!
Have a nice day!

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Hi! When there are only missing two weeks for their 1st show here in Portugal (16th March, in Lisbon), it was confirmed that the guys will perform here again on 1st June, this time on Rock In Rio Lisboa! I barely can't contain all my excitement! See more information here!
And tomorrow the boys will start with the "1000 Hotels European Tour", their 1st show will be in Bruxelles, BE..you can check all the dates here!
There are no more news for now, so enjoy the new graphics uploaded to the site:

• +1 Bill Wallpaper
• +1 Georg Wallpaper
• +2 animations (one from the "Spring Nicht" music video and another one from the "1000 Meere" music video)

Hope you like everything, have a great day!

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