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Georg Listing's 24th Anniversary - Contest

Welcome to Georg Listing's 24th Anniversary - Contest - be sure to read all the instructions and to have fun participating in this contest!

~ How you can participate:
- Use your image program (Photoshop, Paint Shop, etc.) to create a wallpaper - and of course that you already know the theme: Georg Listing!
- The size of the wallpaper must be 1280x800.
- This is all about Georg's birthday, so make sure to make it look real pretty and festive!
- Save it and upload it somewhere (imageshack.us, tinypic.com, etc.).
- Use the link of the picture you uploaded and send it, as well as your name and the country where you live, via e-mail to foreversacred.tokiohotel@gmail.com with the subject "Georg Listing's 24th Anniversary - Contest"!
- The winner will be chosen by me, since this is a contest and not a raffle.

~ Until when you can participate:
- This contest is open from 31st March 2011 (Thursday) to midnight of 5th April 2011 (Tuesday). The winner will be announced on 6th April 2011 (Wednesday)!

~ What you can win:
- The lucky winner of this contest will get 3 surprise TH buttons!

Good luck everyone!


Before showing all the entries, I want to thank everyone who took part on this contest - I hope that all of you had a really great time participating in Georg Listing's 24th Anniversary - Contest!
Now let's take a look to all the great artworks I've received...

Entry #1 - Mary (Spain)

Entry #2 - Lisa Janssens (Belgium)

Entry #3 - Vera Costa (Luxembourg)

Entry #4 - Lisa (Germany)

Entry #5 - Cristina Grindean (Romania)

And now, the winner is...

Lisa Janssens (Belgium)

You will get 3 surprise TH buttons!

Note: The winner will be contacted by me via e-mail shortly!


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