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Hey there <3

The stalker-girls report themselves in a video!
Bild.de article

Four girls, that make the life of Germany’s most succesfull band difficult. Four girls, that have moved from France to Hamburg to follow tokio hotel every step of the way. Now they are showing themselves from bild.de before the camera.

“We are no stalkers”, Perrine insists (21) in broken German in the interview.
She hides her eyes behind big sunglasses, just like the other girls. They keep themselves covered and let Perrine talk.

She is the one that was attacked a week ago by Tom Kaulitz (19). He was sick of the extreme fans. The band doesn’t only claim they are stalkers, but also that they threatened there family.

“We have gotten used to the fact that there will always be stalkers. But when the attack our family, they cross a line. That’s when the fun stops!” according to brother Bill (19) in an interview with youth magazine Bravo.

What happened? A group of french girls have been following the band for several months. They call themselves “les afghanes on tour”. After an attack on the mother of the Kaulitz twins the boys from the Magdeburger rockband cancelled a trip to Los Angeles to record the third album. They only wanna go when they get it on paper from the police that the girl-gang isn’t allowed to come near there family again. Current situation: allegation against allegation.

Even after all that happened the past week the band isn’t mad at there real fans.

“We will never put them together in the same box as those stalkers!” according to Bill in Bravo.

And what do the tokio hotel fans say about this? Some of them are going to war. They are threatening the french girls in messages on youtube.

»» Watch the video here! ««

(Source: bild.de - translation by beertje_86 from tokiohotelus.com)

Tokio Hotel does not speak about the Stalker-Topic again
BT-News.de article

Hamburg (dpa) - The teen-band Tokio Hotel leaves the problem of the violent fans just for the jurisdiction. As the magdeburger band’s manager, David Jost said, the band won’t publish more statements in connection with this case. At the begining of April Bill’s twinbrother, Tom Kaulitz got accross with a young woman at a gas station in Hamburg. Subsequently, the manager releaved that, since a year, the band has been followed and stalked by masked girls.

(Source: mopo.de - translation by bebe8888 from tokiohotelus.com)

Bye! <3

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Hey again guys <3

Cherrytree Records Twitter update
New album's progression

- @cherrytreerec whats going on with tokio hotel =( all this is upsetting me, any new news? (29th April)

- @irina_kaulitz We are being respectful of Tokio Hotel & their families by giving them their space & staying tuned to David Jost's messages. (29th April)

(Source: cherrytree records twitter)

Punkt 12 - 29.04.09

»» Watch it here! «« |

Tchüss! <3

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Hello there <3

"It's not funny anymore!"
Exclusiv Interview

Tokio Hotel have fear for there family. Exclusive in Bravo, Bill and Tom talk about the stalker-gang that is threatening them!

Tokio Hotel captured by a disguised and masked girl-gang! More then half a year Bill (19), Tom (19), gustav (21) and Georg (22), there family and friends are being followed by a group of french girls called "les afghanes on tour". They are being insulted, threatend and also attacked! I went so far that last week Tom lost control at a Hamburger gasstation and hit the 21 year old gang member Perrine.D in the face. Now the Kaulitz twins Bill and Tom talk for the first time about what happened: "We have gotten used to the fact that there will always be stalkers", Bill exclusively against Bravo. "But when the attack our family, they cross a line. That's when the fun stops!"

What happened? At the beginning of April the mother of the Kaulitz twins is attacked in Hamburg by "les afghanes on tour". To collect evidence against the stalkers the mother of Bill and Tom photographed the girl-gang with her mobile phone. The girls went crazy after that, grabbed on to her and hit the phone out of her hand. The mother reported it to the police. Not the first case! Also other girls are being attacked by the french girls: "We also heard that", Bill says, "That is off course insane. No idea what is going on in the minds of those stalkers. Something like that shoud be stopped", the singer goes on. Many fans now worry about there loved ones. They think the band will now be angry with all the fans: "No, not at all", Tom makes clear.

"The fans shouldn't worry about that. We will never put them together in the same box as those stalkers. We can't hold or fans responsable for the actions of a few insane girls. The opposite: we are happy our fans support us so much". Some of the fans of the Magdeburger band are now taking it to another level: They are starting a hunt for the terror-gang! On the internet many come together and "RockStarStephi" tells in her youtube video that she and her friends are planning an attack on the "afghans" group. "We wanna drive to Germany and make it a little hotter beneath their feet", she tells. Also in other videos you can see words like "We will find you b******" and "lets start the hunt". A war between fans and stalkers? "The "les afghanes on tour" have now locked themselves in out of fear", an insider tells. That doesn't give Bill or Tom any comfort. They actually should have been in Los Angeles with producer David Jost (36), to record more vocals and guiter plays for the third album.

Out of fear that the stalker-gang would get close to there mom again they have cancelled the trip. When they have it on paper from the police that "les afghanes on tour" aren't allowed to come near the family and the band member anymore, Tokio hotel will fly to the USA again to continue on there album.

David Jost: "The lawyer of 3 of the "afghanes" members have contacted the lawyer of Bill and Tom. He has proposed to settle this outside court. The representative agreed under the condition that they wouldn't come near the family anymore. We have received the news that "les afghanes on tour" have completely smashed down the proposal", David Jost tells. "According to my information we only have a complain against one of the stalkers". An end to the terror isn't in sight yet...

Fans want war
Crazy! On the internet a whole hate hunt has started against the Tokio hotel-hate-gang. On several fan forums and on youtube the fans from all voer the world come together to go against the stalkers. "now is our turn, revenge is sweet", it says. The fans wanna protect Gustav, Georg, Toma and Bill from other attacks...

New Tokio Hotel Album?
I am a huge Tokio Hotel fan and think it is the most awesome band in the world!
I also know everything about the boys. Though, there is still a question unanswered: when will the new tokio hotel album come out? Michelle L. though email.
Bravo Info: actually the album was supposed to come out in spring. But now the release has been pushed back to the summer. Also the name of the new record isn't known yet.

(Source: Bravo DE Nº 19 - scans & translation by beertje_86 from tokiohotelus.com)

Tokio Hotel pressing charges against their fans!
Bild.de article

The battle between tokio hotel and there so called extreme fans is getting even more bizarre!

The french girl Noemai (20) from the girl-gang "les afghanes on tour" claims they were attacked by the mother of the twins Bill (19) and Tom Kaulitz (19) with a cola bottle.

Now Germany's most famous rockband is defending themselves.

"These stalkers are really that arrogant to claim that they didn't attack the mother, but the other way around", tells tokio hotel producer and manager David Jost annoyed. "It is getting even more bizarre here!"

Since a half year the french girls have followed and threatened Tokio Hotel, were hanging around in front of there house and chasing them on the highway.

David Jost: "I don't hope they are planning more attacks. We don't just wanna press charges against one member anymore but the whole group and will push through that they aren't allowed to come close to the band or the family anymore."

(Source: bild.de - translation by beertje_86 from tokiohotelus.com)

Have a nice day! <3

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Hello <3

That's why we follow "Tokio Hotel"
Bild.de article

Where can the fan madness still bring these girls?

• They follow Tom (19) and Bill Kaulitz (19) from “Tokio Hotel” every step they make.
• They disguise themselves like criminals.
• They call themselves : Les Afghanes on Tour.
• They are from France, and follow the musicians for already half a year.

There names: Perrine (21), Georgina (25), Aurore (21) and Noemai (20). Bild-reporter ask the girls that show thelmselves for the first time without disguise: Why don’t you just leave the boys from “Tokio Hotel” alone?

“We aren’t stalkers”, claims Perrine. “We love the music and the lyrics. We haven’t followed them, we just wanna know where and how they live. That interests us.”

Among the extreme fans a contest has started, who can see the boys most often in a private situation. Videos from the chases from those so called fans are then put on the internet.

Perrine: “The special thing is that we wanna see Tokio hotel always and everywhere. The more often you see them the happier you get.”

With Perrine it even went so far that she moved from Paris to Hamburg to be close to Bill and Tom. She found a job (doesn’t wanna tell what) and found a house close to the one of the twins, and then started following them.

On 15 April it went too far when Tom lost his patience at a Hamburger gasstation and hit perrine in the face. The young woman pressed charges.

Shortly before the mother of Bill and Tom would have been attacked by the “Afghans”. The girls claim this is not true.

Noemai: “The mother from Tom has attacked us - with a cola bottle”. The incident would have happened in front of the house of Bill and Tom where the “Afghans” were waiting for the twins.

What do they want next? There lawyer Burkhard benecken (33) to Bild: “An apology and compensation. We want at least 10.000 euro.”

The mangement of the band didn’t want to respond yesterday to the girls claims.

(Source: bild.de - translation by beertje_86 from tokiohotelus.com)

Have a great day! <3

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Hi there <3

Spiegel TV - 26.04.09
TH Stalkers - English translation

»» Watch it here! «« |

Bye guys! <3

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Hi guys <3

Girl Gang stops new Tokio Hotel Album
Bill and Tom pospone recording

Bill [19] and Tom Kaulitz [19] should have been in Los Angeles finishing up their new album. The flights were booked but the “Tokio Hotel” twins stayed. Out of fear for the life of their mother, which the French girl gang “Les Afghanes On Tour” have threatened.

Eleven days ago, Tom apparently hit Perrine D. [21], a French woman at a Hamburg gas station. Before that she was said to have insulted him before pressing out a cigarette on his car.

The boiling point from months of hunting the musicians? “After numerous harassments and threats, there have been many occasions where there were near accidents caused by car chases by these stalkers,” says manager David Jost to BamS. Bill and Tom send in a complaint, Perrine D. as did as well.

Then the lawyer of the French women made a proposal to draw back Perrine D’s complaint if the twins did the same. “We did it under the condition that they hand in a agreement for a restraining order so that they stay away from the band and their families.” But instead of signing, the young women fired their lawyer. Jost: “This way we won’t be dropping our charges. Our attorney applied for protection and still the charges that will go against the others.”

Already in the past these girls had thrown bottles at the band’s cars, says the band’s manager. On April 8th, the young women threatened the mother of the twins. Jost: “Threatening their mother and in this case attacking her is if the worst that could happen to Bill and Tom. As soon as it comes to their family members, the twins push every other priority aside.” This is why Bill and Tom don’t want to leave their mother alone at the moment.

But where does this incredible hate on the band come from? An insider from the fan circle explained to the magazine “Bravo” not to long ago: “A year ago, a few of the French girls rented an apartment on the same grounds as the Tokio Hotel twins, just to get closer to them.” But Bill and Tom wanted their peace on their free days. The insider continues: “The stalkers on the other hand didn’t want to accept that and got angry.” What’s going on with the band girls at the moment seriously doesn’t’ have anything to do with fan love anymore.

(Source: bild.de - translation by Lenny from tokiohotelus.com)

See ya guys! <3

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Hey there <3

May Tokio Hotel sleep calmly again?
The lawyer recommends a peace proposal!

After that a stalker gang attacked the band and Tokio-Tom freaked out on the petrol station, the girls’s lawyer discussed with Bill (19) and Tom’s (19) lawyer.

His proposal: they withdrawn the denunciation against Tom, if the band withdrawn the denunciation and the further criminal action against the girls.

David Jost, the manager and producer of the Tokio Hotel, said about the other side’s peace proposal: “Of course it is just possible if the stalkers never approach the family members and Bill and Tom anymore.”


The guitarist of Tokio Hotel, Tom Kaulitz (19) hit a young woman (21) on her face a week agon, on a petrol station, after that she stumped a cigarette on his car. The woman denounced the rock star promptly.

The woman is a member of a stalker-gang from France. They call themselves “Les Afghanes on Tour”. The gang consists of four girls, who follows the bands every single step since half a year. The young women are often disguised or masked.

Supposedly, the stalkers bombarded the flats of the bandmembers. They thrown their cars with eggs, wrote threating letter and they harassed the family members.

(Source: bild.de - translation by bebe8888 from tokiohotelus.com)

Agreement with Tokio Hotel failed
“Ruthless Kaulitz-Fans want to continue!”

For months masked girls harassed Tokio Hotel (MOPO reported). In one case a fan even attacked the mother from the twins, and Tom and Bill had filed charges. And the stalkers don’t want to stop, according to the manager David Jost. After the scandal at the gas station ( where Tom slapped the french girl Perrine) the laywer of the fanatic girls wanted to find a settlement. The Teenie-Stars offered the girl gang to drop the lawsuit, under the condition the girls confirm in writing, that they will never ever get close to Tom and Bill’s family again. But the girls don’t want to stop. They fired their laywer. Two of three stalkers have removed their attorney, said Jost.

(Source: mopo.de - translation by BKth4e from tokiohotelus.com)

Bye! <3

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Hey guys <3

Is Tom a troublemaker?
BRAVO know the truth!

Tokio Hotel-star Tom hit a girl in the face! But BRAVO know the dark secret behind the story!

The fans are shocked! The otherwise so loved Tokio Hotel-guitarist Tom Kaulitz [19] have been losing it, and hit a girl in the face! Seriously! Our Tokio-Tom a troublemaker?

What happened? At a gas station in Hambuer-Bahrenfeld, Tom fill up his grey Audi R8. Suddenly 4 female fans comes up. A girl, Perrin D. [21] from France photographed the star through the windscreen.

After that Tom should have thrown a cigarette out the window. Perriere, took it and pressed it against the window on his car. Tom jumps out of the car, beats her with an open hand in the face, pushed her so that she falls to the ground.

After that Tom disappears D. Perrin call the police, an ambulance take her to the hospital. She has a swelling under the eye and ear damage. The whole scene was filmed by a surveillance camera of the petrol station.

Now there is a complaint against Tom for easier injury. But what was behind it? An insider says: "The girl in the incident was not a fan but a member of a group of aggressive stalkers: a bunch of girls from France has been stalking Tokio Hotel. They call themselves "The Afghans on tour." Often, they are covered with scarves or masked" continues the insider. "They have stood outside the band members house in half a year, throwing eggs at their cars and threaten not only the band and their families - but also other Tokio Hotel fans."

This was also confirmed by Tokio Hotel-producer David Jost [36] from LA to Bravo: "One of these masked stalker attacked a family member of Bill and Tom April 8," he says. "We did direct a notification to the police the following day - and will now make additional notifications." But what have these Frenchwoman to Tokio Hotel? An insider reported: "A year ago, rented one of those French girls an apartment in the same area as Tokio Hotel-twins." But Bill [19] and Tom wanted to be in peace at their homes for a few days off and relax undisturbed. "This could the Stalker not accept, they became acidic. For revenge they developed a plan to destroy for Tokio Hotel!" Girl Gang found out the addresses of family members, bodyguards, and the band members, and putting their plan in to action. "They are cheating all over them, follow each step!" "The Afghans on tour" spreading fear among Tokio Hotel and their fans. They send threatening letters to Tom, Bill and co. "They throw eggs, other people cry - and they simply do not listen because they think it's funny."

Not even on the appeal from the Tokio Hotel guy's, did the 4 girls Angelique, Noemi, Aurore and Perriere listen to. Is Tom's outbreak only a desperate reaction to this constant torment against his family, friends, band colleagues and fans? "For over half a year has the boys done nothing except to ask for peace and quiet. This gang will destroy the band - and maybe even go further" fear the insider. Among TH-fans is "The Afghans on tour" feared long ago. MelovesBill write on the Internet: "You have stalked Tom for a long time, and I had done the same!" Jean19 says: "Aggression is the shit! But I can certainly understand Tom. Sometimes it becomes too much. Violence is, after all, no solution." BRAVO will follow this...

(Source: Bravo DE Nº 18 - scans by Evule & translation by Kaa89 from tokiohotelus.com)


Tom's new hairstyle!

(click to make it bigger)

As you can see, it is now confirmed that Tom's dreadlocks are black!

Tchüss! <3

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Hello there <3

Pocher or Bill, who is cooler?
Oliver Pocher DSDS copied the singer of Tokio Hotel

TV comedian Oliver Pocher (31) performed at the sixst DSDS show as Bill kaulitz from Tokio hotel. Vote for the one you think is cooler: Pocher or the real Bill...

"I am dedicading this song to myself", Pocher bragged saturday at the beginning of "deutschland sucht den superstar". Later he gave a flashy show with "durch den monsun"- and fell on his back. Autsch!

Pocher took it with a laugh, but judge Dieter Bohlen (55) wasn't impressed. When Oliver Pocher was singing he left the room, to take a pee was said. The audience was boo-ing him for it!

Pocher goes to the next round. He already amde a beginning for the next show and joked: "maybe Dieter can write me a song..."

If Bill Kaulitz was impressed by Oliver Pochers performance? Maybe he can learn something. Please vote!

(Source: bild.de - translation by beertje_86 from tokiohotelus.com)

State counsel investigates against Tokio Hotel Star, Kaulitz
Abendblatt.de article

State counsel investigates against Tom Kaulitz, the guitarist of Tokio Hotel. “We initiated a procedure due to the suspicion of easy mayhem/body harm”, said the authority’s spokesman, Wilhelm Möllers. Reportedly, the 19-year-old (young man) at an “Aral” petrol station on the Stressemannstrassen (Bahrenfeld), hit the French Perrini D. (21) on her face. Her lawyer prosecuted Kaulitz, on last Friday.

The argument had escalated after that, the 21-year-old stubbed a cigarette butt on Kaulitz’s car, which he threw out. According to David Jost, the manager of Tokio Hotel, the young woman and her friend are stalkers. The band members had pursued since week and they attacked their family members. The state counsel haven’t known about it yet. “Till now, we haven’t received denunciation against them”, said the counsel, Möllers. They will offer an interrogation to Tom Kaulitz.

(Source: abendblatt.de - translation by bebe8888 from tokiohotelus.com)

Leute Heute - 20.04.09

»» Watch it here! ««

Brisant - 20.04.09

»» Watch it here! ««

Taff - 20.04.09

»» Watch it here! «« |

Punkt 12 - 21.04.09

»» Watch it here! «« |

Have a nice day! <3

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Hello <3

Punkt 12 - 20.04.09

»» Watch it here! ««

Tokio Hotel: Fans defend Tom Kaulitz
Gala.de article

More and more fans of the teen band Tokio Hotel have the opinion that Tom Kaulitz was right with hitting the Stalker.

Now even the Fans are on his side: In a lot of Internet boards more and more fans have the opinion that Tom was right with hitting the Girl on Thursday night.

At a gas station in Hamburg, the young musician hit a girl who asked him for an autograph. Subsequently, the girl fell to the ground - her friend threw Tom against his Audi, before he drew away. This showed the video footage of the incident. Now, however, it became apparent that the girl followed Tom since he left the recording studio in Lüneburg, and that she probably is a member of a masked gang from France, which has been following the Band for years, a lot of Fans show understanding for Tom’s reaction.

In the Board on Gala.de, for example, in an entry from "daja": "hello he’s just a human being too, just because he is a star it doesn’t say that he isn’t allowed react like this my god I would do the same if someone would be bugging me like this." On Bild.de "tomsgirl" commented : "If there’s nothing to scare the Gang away, I think I would also drive away out of instinct. And the german fans can also behave badly, I think that’s totally idiotic. If you behave different, calmer, then the boys will take you seriously." On the other hand there’s a user contribution on Welt.de from "normalo": "The guys are just too cute! And they can’t endure some frustrated ugly Girls! Why don’t they use the Stalker-law against those girls?!!!"

Shock and rejection were the first reactions, when the media reported about the incident. A user named "martix" was outraged: "I think that’s very bad, where’s their function as a role-model?" "meikel44" saw just a lot of thanklessness in Tom’s activity: "The fans have made Tokio Hotel as big as they are now. And that’s how they thank them. It seems that they don’t need their fans anymore, they have enough money now." "kur1" comment on the incident: "Such boys need to be punished severely. It should be calculated on their income. It should hurt a lot."

(Source: gala.de - translation by loveth-music.com)

Have a great day! <3

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Hi there again <3

Stalker chase after Tokio Hotel
Stern.de article

[...] Stalking is punishable. In germany you can get up to 3 years in jail. Frequently famous people are being followed by people with a mix of fantasy and jealousy. Popstar Madonna, Tennis player Steffi Graf, Topmodel Claudia Schiffer or actor Jodie Foster already have had those experiences. One of the Beatles founders John Lennon died in 1980 by a bullet, that was fired at him by an obessed fan. The past champion of tennis Monica Seles of 1993 hit a physcological sick fan in hamburg and here college Steffi Graf got stabbed in the back with a nife.

It won’t get this far with Tokio Hotel. Jost writes, the police has advised the musicians to collect evidence against the stalkers. Bill, Tom and other members of the Kaulitz family have started with that a few weeks ago and have filmed and photographed the stalkers. The stalkers responded very agressive to that. "for one, the hit a photocamera out of the hands of a family member". [...]

(Source: stern.de - translation by beertje_86 from tokiohotelus.com)

Official fanclub message

We can only once again appeal to all fans, please respect the privacy of Bill, Tom, Georg and Gustav as well as of their family members and friends! As happy as it makes them to be there for their fans - the four also have a life besides the band, which shall be respected!

(Source: tokiohotel-fanclub.de - translation by loveth-music.com)

Exclusiv weekend - 19.04.09

»» Watch it here! ««

Against stalking the band

»» Please sign here! ««

Bye guys! <3

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Hi guys <3

DSDS (Oliver Pocher) - 18.04.09
"Durch den Monsun"

»» Watch it here! ««

Fans discuss even more
"Tokio Hotel" - Tom

Fans discuss even more about the out burst of Tokio hotel guitar player Tom Kaulitz (19).

After reporting that the female Tom has hit in the face is a member of a stalker gang named “les afghanes on tour”, some fans now say to understand Tom’s outburst. The gang would have stalked the Tokio hotel boys for some months now and have assaulted the mother of the twins.

"We know how much his mutter means to him", writes user "Channy" and she claims Tom probably "started to boil, what i can personally understand. Which doesn’t make an excuse for the hitting".

User "tomi1" goes on: "Tom, would never have hit the fan in the face without a reason. Please, who is that sick to irritate the boys for half a year and presses a cigarette on someones window. Anyone can understand that someone then just freaks out".

"tracyg" sees things different: “I am speechless reading all of this. Tom is inside a closed car. How could he have felt threatened"? and goes on: "He could have taken cover, she didn’t. Stop making excuse for him, there aren’t any".

Also "7together" claims: "To take the attention of his own, some fans must be sacrificed".

"Channy" asked an interesting question: "At the moment i am wondering if this isn’t just a part of what the girl wanted. In the letter she says she will give the boys a nightmare. What can she do to a celebrity"?

(Source: bild.de - translation by Beertje_86 from tokiohotelus.com)

See ya guys! <3

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Hey there again <3

New & important informations!
Tom's incident

Everyday, or maybe even every minute, there are news about the case of Tom Kaulitz and the gang which followed the band since months! In forums like the official german forum or THUS fans are discussing about it all the time.

Now the blog of the Stalker gang could’ve been found and there are also pictures. Through this gang we got the information of Toms new hair and we sort of just assured them in the way they act. After the girl noticed, that fans were browsering her blog to see if there were more pics which could’ve been taken as proofs against her, the girl closed her page.

Link of the Blog - Link from Myspace

But a fan was celever enough to save a few things by screenshots.


Was Andreas their next victim? Who knows, atleast he means a lot to the twins and the gang has already attacked their mum, too who’s a very close person of them (you can read about it in the post bellow mine).

Fans from the official forum noticed, that the written place (SSF) for Andreas also makes sense. It’s for a company where Andreas does his apprenticeship. (SFHH Beteilungsgesellschaft mbH)

Now the 4th picture, what does it mean? The solution of it: Cheesburger - Hamburger - Hamburg; Kaboul - Afghanistan - nickname of the Gang. “We feel sorry to tell you, that the owner of this blog is dead. She was slew by a cheesburger, who was thrown by a known person. The funeral will be at thursday 16th of april 2009 at 23pm in Kaboul.”
Furthermore there was written: “If it happend at a petrol station? Yes, you understood everything!”

Tonight a male fan phoned Universal in Berlin, to tell them the newested information. Universal contacted the police and the producer David Jost and told the fan to come to Berlin to clear the facts there.

Another fan phoned together with her mum around 2am the police to also tell them about what they know. They’ll have a talk with the police in the next few days to also show them evidence. The police if thanksful for the help and already handed the case to the Criminal Investigation Department.

(Source: official fanclub forum - written & translated by Ines from loveth-music.com)

Bye! <3

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Hey guys <3

Hooded girls chase Tokio Hotel
They’ve been following them since months

His fans are speculating why he lost control over himself. Is there an explanation for his behaviour?

"Tokio Hotel" guitarist Tom Kaulitz [19] and his snap at a Hamburger gas station. The musician apparently hit a young woman [21] in the face after she pressed a cigarette out on his car. She made charges against the rock star.

BILD has now found out: The young woman belongs to a stalker gang from France. They call themselves "Les afghanes on tour" ["The Afghans on Tour"]. The gang is said to be made of 4 girls that have been following the band's every move since half a year. The young women are often masked or hooded.

The stalker have apparently crowded around the band's apartment. They threw eggs at their cars, wrote threat letters and harassed their families.

In one of the threat letters to Tokio Hotel that BILD has, the girls claim they are more than normal fans, and threatened the band that in the following weeks they'll expect a 'small nightmare'. It says on: "Attention, attention... we are unsatisfied. We're getting impatient. DO YOU UNDERSTAND US???"

Even the mother of Bill and Tom has been threatened the past week and has even been attacked. Charges were put in against the stalkers. [File number 2009 004 57397]

Tokio Hotel's manager and producer David Jost has confirmed to BILD about the incident.

He says: "One of the hooded stalker girls attacked a family member of Bill and Tom on the April 8th. We put in charges the following day against the girl and now another complaint."

(Source: bild.de - translation by Lenny from tokiohotelus.com)

This is absolutely shocking to me..and these people still call themselves 'fans' O.o'
Tchüss! <3

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Hello there <3

THNetwork Twitter update
New album's progression

- Dutch Universal and Cherrytree Records have confirmed that the new album has been delayed until September.
http://tinyurl.com/d6kztv (15th April)

(Source: thnetwork twitter)

RTL Explosiv - 16.04.09

»» Watch it here! ««

Brisant - 16.04.09

»» Watch it here! ««

Exclusiv - 17.04.09

»» Watch it here! ««

This is what the fans say!
After beating scandal with Tom Kaulitz of Tokio Hotel

Whole Germany talks about the fighting scandal with Tokio Hotel guitar player Tom Kaulitz! Now the fans are talking. They respond shocked and upset.

The twin brother from singer Bill has hit a woman in the face with his fist and brought the woman to the ground. A security camera got the whole incident at the "Aral" gasstation in Bahrenfeld, a part of Hamburg on tape.
Another girl was thrown against the back of Tom's Audi.

The fans from Tokio Hotel are shocked! On Bild.de-forum "matrix" writes: "I think this is very stupid, isn't he supposed to be rolemodel?" and "shocked User" tells: "I feel ashamed of Tom...He, the womans hero."

Many are looking for an explanation for what happened like "tomsgirl": "It could also be, that he isn't really dealing with his fame at the moment. Who knows, what might be wrong there."

Still, the most are upset: "Something like this isn't right, even when you are famous", writes a reader under the name "topaktuell". "Just because they are rich and famous, they think that the rules don't count for them. It is totally right that he got charged."

"meikel44" tells, what many think: "The fans made Tokio Hotel big. And this is how they thank us. Now they don't need the fans anymore. They have already cashed in."

(Source: bild.de - translation by beertje_86 from tokiohotelus.com)

Oliver Pocher in DSDS with "Durch den monsun"
"I wouldn't be surprised if i get to the finales"

Oliver Pocher already performed once as Britney Spears and Tokio hotel are next in line. Saturday, the 31 year old will sing in "Deutschland sucht den Superstar" the hit "Durch den monsun"!

"The people that know me, know i can deliver a perfect stage show."
Confident as he is the comedian is announcing his performance. How it came to this? At the last show Oliver was in the audience, when moderator Marco Schreyl (35) offered him to join the next show.

So it happened! With the help of a vocal coache, Pocher has learned the song "Durch den monsun" from Tokio Hotel. "I have total support from Tokio Hotel. I just got my hands on Bill's clothes but i only fit in it with one leg", tells Pocher.

(Source: bild.de - translation by beertje_86 from tokiohotelus.com)

Does the video show Tom kaulitz?
Fan attack

Charged with assault: The Hamburger police is looking for Tokio Hotel guitar player Tom Kaulitz.

A female fan (21) claimes the teenie-star hit her in the face on wednesday night. The police can see minor injuries in the face of the woman. Tom Kaulitz (19) couldn't be questioned.

B.Z. knows, the videocamera shows the next offender profile: A Audi R8 sportscar (about 150.000 euro) stops at the Aral-station in the Stressemannstraße in the part of Hamburg called Bahrenfeld. In the driver seat a young man. A few girls approach the car and tap on the window, they have got a camera in there hands - they seem to wanna take a picture.

A burning sigarette is flying out of the car, a woman picks it up a presses it against the window. After that the driver gets out. He has a notable outfit, wears bright white hip-hop clothing, has the hoody of his pullover over his head, just dark dreadlocks are showing. He is walking to the girl, takes a swing and hits the girl in the face. She stumbles and goes down to the floor.

Then the driver goes back into the car, but still the girls won't leave him alone.
Again the young man gets out of the car, seemingly angry. Then another girl approaches - seemingly the one he was waiting for - she takes place in the driver's mate seat. Together they drive away - before the police arrives.

Until yesterday the cops didn't have a chance to question Tokio-Tom yet. Also the management from Germany's most succesfull band, that have there studio and house in Bahrenfeld too, hasn't given a statement yet.

Fact is: "The driver of the car is Tom Kaulitz", tells a spokesperson from the police to B.Z.

(Source: bz-berlin.de - translation by beertje_86 from tokiohotelus.com)

Have a nice day! <3

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Hello <3

Cherrytree Records Twitter update
New album's progression

- @dragonflyeyes We don't know when but we know when not when. And it's not June. (16th April)

- @cherrytreerec Is it true that the release of Tokio Hotel's new album was delayed until september? (16th April)

- @BillKaulitzFans Looks like it gang. (16th April)

(Source: Cherrytree records twitter)

Beating-Scandal with Tokio Hotel!
Bild.de article

Tom Kaulitz (19), guitarist of the band and twin brother of the singer Bill (19), met a female fan at a petrol station in Hamburg. The 21 years old girl says, that the musican gave her a punch in her face in the late Wednesday evening, that’s what the police found out at Thursday.

The woman, who was there together with 4 friends, noticed Kaulitz in his car and knocked at his window to take a photo of the 19 years old guy.

After the description of the woman, the Tokio-Hotel-star let the window down and threw a cigarette at her, that she took from the ground and put it out on his window. So he stepped out of his car and should’ve hit her.

The woman got a swelling bellow her eye and called the police.

By their arrivial, Kaulitz was already driven away, so they couldn’t ask for his side of the story. "The 19 years old guy will get the opportunite to say something to this case", said a policeman.

(Source: bild.de - translation by loveth-music.com)

Tom assault incident
Abendblatt.de article

Around 11pm the fight escalated. A 21 year old woman and her 4 friends were at the gas station and recognized him in his car. Apparently she knocked on his window and asked him to be in a picture with her, but all he did was throw his cigarette at her according to what she said in the report. She then took the cigarette and pressed it against the window of his car.

After that a big fight broke out between Tom and the woman. She got a black eye and other wounds. She got treated from a doctor and was took to a clinic. She then charged him with battery (assault). The police haven't asked him about the incident yet.

»» Watch it here! ««

(Source: Abendblatt.de - translation by Lenny from tokiohotelus.com)

Punkt 12 - 16.04.09

»» Watch it here! ««

I won't even comment this post..it's not worth it --'
Have a great day! <3

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Hi there <3

Comet Awards 2009 - Trailer
With Tokio Hotel

»» Watch it here! ««

MTV TRL Italy Awards 2009
16th May - Trieste, Italy

The boys were nominated in two different categories this year, even though you only can vote at one of them: Best Band and Best TRL Artist of the Year! Don't you forget to rock the vote! *-*

»» Vote here! ««

Bye guys! <3

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Hi guys <3

Bravo Web TV - 10.04.09

»» Watch it here! ««

- Good afternoon (blah blah blah). I give you five seconds to guess who that is in the picture.
Ok, that is Tom Kaulitz of Tokio Hotel. He looks like a gangster dressed with a black scarf and black clothes like the LA Crips street gang on the day this pic was taken.
And the young men, Georg and Gustav are there with him. Tokio Hotel is working on the new album at their studio.
We’ve been waiting a long time and it was supposed to be out earlier this year, but it’s still not out. It’s time to hurry up boys, we want some new Music!

(Translation by: Colbytwentyonee @ Youtube)

Robert Pattinson interview - rumour
Tokio Hotel on 'New Moon' Soundtrack?

Actor Rober Pattinson granted an interview and said that Tokio Hotel are great and the best option for the movie soundtrack “New Moon”. In an interview with American magazine has shown that the actor is a fan of the band Tokio Hotel.

What do you think of the Twilight soundtrack?
Robert: The soundtrack for the film is very good, Paramore are very talented...

Who would you like to like the soundtrack to the next?
Robert: I like the band Tokio Hotel, they have a good sound and lyrics, which are appropriate to the film.

A certain song?
Robert: One song I like and it reminds me of the film, Rescue Me!

Note: Please keep in mind that this interview is not confirmed and I don't know if it's true or no..by now it's just another rumour.

(Source: Twilight Forum in Czech)

See ya guys! <3

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Hey there <3

First of all, I'm really sorry for this huge lack of updates..but the news are so rare in these days! ._.
Second, I want to wish to all of you a Happy Easter!

New album release date - rumour

Please keep in mind that this is only another rumour until we hear something from the official side..even though it might be possible. On Amazon.de, it says that the new album of the boys will be released on the 26th June..I don't know if it's true or not, but I'll keep you updated!

(Source: amazon.de)

Bye! <3

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Hey guys <3

Message from Bill
Cherrytree Records

(Source: cherrytreerecord.ning.com)

Owwww! *__________* It's so nice to hear from the boys after a long time!
Tchüss! <3

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Hello there <3

Cherrytree Records Twitter update
New album's progression

- Tokio Hotelheads! Bill just left all of us an audio message! We're going to put it up on www.cherrytreerecords.com on Monday. (4th April)

(Source: Cherrytree Records Twitter)

OMG! O.O I can't wait to finally hear something from Bill!
Have a nice day! <3

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Hello <3

And after Georg's birthday yesterday, today it's my birthday, I'm turning 18 now!
Happy birthday to me! xDD
I've also made a signature for this day, which I'll add to the signatures section later!

And no, this is not a joke..it's very real! xD
Have a great day! <3

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